More Scandinavia Add-On V0.2


First I want to thank you guys for the best feedback from you, makes me happy and motivates me to contiune the work 🙂
!!!VERSION 0.1!!!!
This is my map mod that add new cities in Scandiavia.
You don’t need to create a new profile, just enable all parts in mod manager and have fun 🙂
This add-on map continues from north of Bergen to northern territories
this are first 3 cities:
– Knarvik
– Hundvin
– Dalsoyra


This mod also open: one road in city Bergen, one more country small road north-east of Bergen (Bergen to Oslo road)

Known bugs: invisible wall at Polaris Lines in Dalsoyra – I don’t know for the moment how to solve it, I tried all methods but didn’t worked, in next update I will solve other bugs.

Please do not reupload my work, took me over 2 weeks to make this add-on.
!!!VERSION 0.2!!!
Added 2 new cities:
– Gavle
– Honefoss
Gavle, located in Sweden and Honefoss in Norway.
Fixed visual bugs
Fixed some invisible walls (the invisible wall from Dalsoyra Port is still there, I forgot about it, I will fix it too)

Lots of area with lots of details.
Have fun and drive safe 🙂
(you will see in video the map I made)
manifest.sii included

KiLLer Modding , Tz Express


24 Responses to More Scandinavia Add-On V0.2

  1. willy1962 says:

    ” (the invisible wall from Dalsoyra Port is still there, I forgot about it, I will fix it too) ”
    first fix something like that and than release it !!
    its like buying a car and the steringwheel comes later.

  2. Arthur Vince says:

    It works with other maps? more info about that please..thanks.

  3. NikolayKolev-Nicko says:

    Nice ! Good work !!

  4. arczi says:

    nice..maybe in v0.3 you will add songdal or voss or other cities beside sogn og fjordane.

  5. Humbby says:

    are you later going to make more maps then scandanavia? like more cities in italy and stuff like that?

  6. H says:

    will you add more north sweden ;)?

  7. imnotarobot says:

    It causing game crash under and TSM.Please check it.Thank you!

  8. Mike says:

    A big thank you, you make my day!!!

  9. loud pipes save lifes v8 says:

    Wanna do the rest of norway too ??
    Trondheim, bodø, tromsø and more ? 😀

  10. scania hunter says:

    More of norway ? 🙂

  11. cristiannarcis79 says:

    I know that Norway has the yellow line on the middle of the road , no white line!!!
    And the route that you built it on the left , you built the water outside and not in the territory of Norway !!!

  12. CrazyBlazeChicken says:

    Gävle is positioned where Hudiksvall should be lol

    • kiLLer Modding says:

      read the description…. then if you do not like this map, make you a map.

  13. Magnus Hansen Nordhaug says:

    Nice mod!
    Can you build Mandal? I live there. 🙂
    Can you build Trondheim, Ålesund, Molde and Lillehammer.
    I really like this map!

  14. blastinja says:

    Can you maybe add the city Nyköping in Sweden. Its not so big but have a big SAAB Factory. Maybe add Motala in Sweden to?

    Other nice cities to add.
    Kiruna, Narvik, Skagen, Billund, Lund, Umeå, Luleå

  15. andify96 says:

    very nice, i notice that scandinavia needs more expansion, especially norway needs more realistic roads for example between stavanger and bergen, there are two roads up there and none of them can be driven without taking the ferry

  16. Reyes says:

    Can u make Arendal? It’s southern Norway, close to Kristiansand and on the road to Oslo.

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