More Traffic & More Trucks v 1.2 By TruckZone

More Traffic & More Trucks  (3) More Traffic & More Trucks  (2) More Traffic & More Trucks  (1)

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– Video recorded at night to show you traffic density even by night.( sorry for the video quality mates )
– AI speed edited and increased ( cars and trucks ).
– Mod compatible with 1.18x game version.
– Mod compatible with all maps.
– Mod compatible with low-end Pcs.
– Tested with game version and Promods 1.95 on a mid-range pc without problem.
– Mod add too much traffic on all roads and cities and make game more realistic.
– Traffic jam even by night.
– Too many trucks now in traffic.
– Trucks can over-take cars and other trucks now.
– Traffic lights edited to be more realistic.
– Traffic rules edited to be more realistic.
– Now you have to wait on cross-roads and traffic lights so no more empty roads.
License plate slots were depleted *_If you want more traffic jam ignore this,i did tested it for 3 hours in different places with Promods 1.95 and Jazzycat trailers and cargo pack 3.4 without crash.
– Some crash are caused by the map,there is a bug on Promods with toll-gates they will fix it so game crash in some area even with just Promods activated.
– If your game have lag issues with this mod,you can reduce the number of AI Vehicles on the Traffic_data.sii to 500.

Author: TruckZone


21 thoughts on “More Traffic & More Trucks v 1.2 By TruckZone

  1. RacingFede

    Looks really really cool!

  2. deineMudda

    hope this works, the last version doesnt work very well.

  3. Nimeni.Altu

    this is AMAZING :))) ….a big “THANK YOU”!

  4. deineMudda

    i have load it at last and it doesnt work for me.
    MHA map from alex and both DLCs

    1. TruckZone

      @ deinemudda…try with a new profile

  5. Thanks for this. Finally get traffic on nights, and nice change at traffic lights. 🙂

  6. Jorgen_021

    Finallly my search for a realistic traffic mod is complete. It looks so fantastic

  7. this mod deletes all ai trucks from the traffic so please fix it and i have just vanilla ets2 no other map mods or dlcs

    1. TruckZone

      @ groom99 you can decrease the number of vehicles in the “traffic_data.sii” to 500 and max truck to 250…it will work.

      1. i can´t do that cause i can´t edit .scs files and it isn´t wrong with how many it is. it is just that the mod deletes all ai trucks and all parked trucks so i can only see vans and family cars and buses driving around

  8. The trucks are slow on highways… fix it

    1. TruckZone

      @wegger the speed is already increased but scs want the game to be more realistic so some trucks are slow because of the cargo and mass but not all trucks.

  9. TruckZone

    For people who have issues with this version or doesn’t work for them :

    Try this version tested with VANILLA and PROMODS and work great.

    Link :

    1. finally the traffic than wait see for long time done here

      thanks again …TruckZone

  10. Jorgen_021

    Is it just me that get’s massive lag with this mod? I removed 7 mods I did not need and I still had lag.

    1. TruckZone

      @jorgen_021 try a new profile with just this mod activated and see if lag gone..because mod tested on mid-range pc with nvidia gt610 and work fine.Or reduce number of vehicles on the traffic_data.sii to 500 and 250 max truck.

  11. Jorgen_021

    I reduced the max AI vehicles to 500 total. 250 cars and 250 trucks. But it still lagged. And I saw that I had less traffic in the cities and on the highways with this mod. Besides, I play on a bit better than mid-range PC, and it still lagged. This mod was unfortunately too big.

    1. TruckZone

      no man this mod tested with mid-range pc on a quad core 2.3ghz processor and work fine…sure you have a mod in conflict…try a new profil with just this mod activated and see.

      1. Jorgen_021

        Well, I tested it on a vanilla profile and it worked perfectly, so if anyone wanna volounteer to help me find out which mod causes the lag, I will be very pleased.
        The mods I run are:
        Scania T
        Scania R by RJL and tuning for RJL Scania
        Scania R2008 by 50K
        DAF XF by 50K
        Volvo FH2014 by ohaha
        Mercedes Benz Antos
        Mercedes Benz actros roofbar by ohaha
        MAN TGX Euro6
        MAN TGX by MadSter
        SISU R500/C500/C600
        Volvo 25m tandem pack
        BDF Tandem
        Maxx bullbar, horns and signs
        MB Aero trailer concept
        Jazzycat AI traffic and trailers and cargo
        A beacon pack
        European Trailer pack.

        I may have forgotten some, be aware of that.

        1. Jorgen_021

          I do also run another AI traffic pack, traffic agressive. But I disabled it when testing this mod.

  12. TruckZone

    ok guys,sorry i was busy for a long while,and i didn’t play ETS2,yeah this mod need update and fix some settings…when i was absent,i saw some guys stolen the mod,rename it and edit it without even say thanks or permission,so i will not update this mod,maybe they can xd

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