More traffic


Mod only for Version 1.11.x
No change the link!



12 thoughts on “More traffic

  1. It´s a good mod that makes more traffic but tbh why would you want more traffic in the game?

    1. I love this types of mods

      1. sgtblazze

        i like this mod because its more intense and more fun use this on truck recomended:use truck sim map

    2. For the realism, everybody knows its busy on roads, especially people on the morning commute to work or on their way home. I love these mods too but never found a good one like this.

  2. i know in the last update their coming more traffic.

  3. IMHO this mod is useless.
    Causing massive traffic jam in roundabouts and secondary road crossing.

    1. I have to agree with Gabe12 here.

      I have toyed with these kind of mods myself – Only to end up de-activating them because I am fed up with waiting at junctions and roundabouts due to AI traffic collisions and jams etc.

      While the idea of having more AI traffic is very desirable for ETS2 to add more realism…

      IMHO – ETS2 is not yet capable of handling that much AI traffic at once.

      Let’s hope that SCS do something about this in the future.

      I want it noted that fred_be is an awesome Modder, and contributes many wonderful works for us all to enjoy for free…

      This is in no way meant to be personal toward you my friend.

      1. I’ve to agree with you and clear the misunderstanding.
        My comment wasn’t against fred_be, but against the game’s AI handling. And until they won’t solved this, no room for more traffic, because it causes only troubles.

    2. But that’s the point of the mod, traffic -_-

  4. Fred, est-il similaire au mod Adaptive Increased avec plus de camions et voitures ?

  5. This might sound a bit nooby but where do you install the mod?

  6. That good but there is more trucks than cars :/

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