Morozov Map v 7.0 [1.27]

Map of Morozov 7.0 (The map works only with his Mario map 12.3 for Morozov 7.0)
The bugs of the previous version have been fixed.
Added seven cities in Russia and one in Turkey.
The order of installation in the manager according to the screenshot
Who uses the mod for graphics or weather,
You need to disable the file rus.climate.sii, the file is in
Folder map, you can disable it like this: rus.climate.sii

Authors of the map: Valera.T. Pavel Morozov. Vladimir I.
Authors of the map of Turkey: Scaniaman6106. Dogukan_k61
Dogukan_k61, Karsa, furkan61, UMTKRZ.mbb27,
LmazEFSANE – Levent lmaz.


10 thoughts on “Morozov Map v 7.0 [1.27]

    1. Hello
      Why can not you make this map so compatible with the MHA Pro or the TSM?

  1. Link+nie+dziala

  2. Does not work with MarioMap 12.3. Crashes at loading.

    1. yes me too game crashes at loading…..

  3. Алексей

    игра вылетает потому что должно быть два файла от морозова,а скачивается только один

  4. yahn+jaime+xwjsndckldse

  5. z jaką mapą będzie działać czy można podmienić w mario map tą wersje

  6. ETS2-保重

    Hello,no video?

  7. ETS2-保重

    Compatible with 1.28?

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