Motor Mod


This Mod adds some stronger engines:
(If there is no similar engine at the standart game)
600 Ps 3000 Nm
700 Ps 3500 Nm
800 Ps 4000 Nm
900 Ps 4500 Nm
1000 Ps 5000 Nm
1200 Ps 5800 Nm Race engine limited
1700 Ps 5800 Nm Race engine
2210 Ps 7540 Nm Race engine tuned

This mod adds the engines for all trucks, but
regrettable there are no engines for the new Volvo.

Have Fun!

Do not reupload!



6 Responses to Motor Mod

  1. Evox says:

    Personally i’m use a 420Hp it’s works fine enough, the ratio weight/ power for trucks is 10Hp / ton so 400Hp / 40tons.

  2. Rocket455Man says:


    I drive for a living 480/500 hp & 60 ton Scania trucks with trailers.

    And they are just too lazy to me.

    I want a little bit to relax in the game and drive more efficient truck, which manage to go up the hills.

    – Real Full Trailer Combination Driver –

    • DD says:

      And??? Why not drive you a 730Hp engine?
      In reality with the 730hp V8 engine from Scania do you have enough power under the ### and for any kind of transportation. So everything passes 800hp is pure nonsense.

  3. Krysler says:

    Crashes when using on Scania truck.
    my map is TSM + RusMap.

  4. Zeeshan says:

    These Mods Are Awesome. Please Add more Engines And Gearbox… please

  5. ZEESHAN says:

    your mod is sooo Good I requested that please make this mod for 1.14.2

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