MP4 Tuning

Author: Danz, McWiLL
New skin, motor, tubes


6 Responses to MP4 Tuning

  1. zoran says:

    Every day new skin for new Actros but no one want to fix this bug with lights??

  2. Aquaris says:

    it’s not a bug
    the original mod has a flare (a.k.a lights) skin: – with the mod & the flare model & no other mods – with the mod, without the flare & no other mods
    open the *.scs file, delete folder “model” and you’re good to go – it’s that simple – the result is seen in the above pics

    why the hell do we need 1500 bhp motor? if i want to race there’s NFS for god’s sake

  3. zoran says:

    Open with what??When i open with notepad some strange signs and letters and nothing to do with them???

    • Aquaris says:

      winRAR or whatever arhcive app you’re using
      there are tutorials on youtube how to open an *scs/base.scs file you know………there’s also google for that matter…….

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