[mTG™] KamAZ Pack v3.1 ETS2 v1.42.x-1.43.x.

“KamAZ Pack from mTG team for ETS2 versions 1.42.x-1.43.x.

Autonomous, does not replace anything, is bought at dealers of MAN and KAMAZ modifications.
New cabins for each of the chassis.
Different roof options for each of the cabins.
Different grating options for each of the cabins.
Various variants of bumpers.
Various chassis options.
Rich tuning from the exterior and in the cabin.
Tuning for each of the roofs, grilles and bumpers.
Various options for the color scheme of the illumination of the devices.

Recent changes:
Added support for multiplayer with CONVOY mode.
New high-quality sounds of KAMAZ engines – 2 types.
New high-quality sound of YaMZ-238 engines.
Fixed the sound of reverberation in the interior.
Added new inventory to the interior + bonus from STEAM.
Window animation works, but only in the interior. (Author: AJIEHA.)
Fixed steering wheel animation. (Author: AJIEHA.)
Fixed GPS navigation.
New lighting format for the truck..
Improved truck lighting in the near and far distance.
Fixed in companies, dextope and dealers.
The conversion and cleaning of the 3D model from errors was carried out.
A complete optimization of the 3D model in the simulator environment has been carried out.
The game log is 99.9% clean.

Only for work on ETS2: 1.42.x-1.43.x.
Have a nice game and a smooth road!

FMOD authors: San Sanych and Nikola Donbass.
Conversion of 3D Models and animations: MaxX_Agent.
Animation of windows and steering wheel: AJIEHA. (Thanks!)
Bug fix: MaxX_Agent.
Adaptation to 1.43: AJIEHA. (Thanks!)
Personal adaptation to 1.42: MaxX_Agent.



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