Müller Holz Skin v 1.0 for MAN TGX E6 by MADster

This is a 4K (now uncompressed, thanks brsppp!) paintable Müller Holz replica skin for MAN TGX Euro6 by MADster.

– MAN TGX Euro6 by MADster
– Bottom slots for MAN TGX Euro 6 by Polltrans

Tested on 1.35 DX11.

Happy trucking! 🙂

MADster, CobraBlue6, brsppp, TheNuvolari


3 thoughts on “Müller Holz Skin v 1.0 for MAN TGX E6 by MADster

  1. polltrans ets2

    looks great

    1. TheNuvolari

      Thanks a lot! Your slots mod inspired me to make it, the Müller Holz TGX has the exact same lights at the bottom! This is not a 100% accurate skin since it’s missing a lot of details, for example the lightbox, sadly there isn’t such mod for MADster’s TGX E6 out there.

  2. wish someone would update this for 1.41

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