Multi Traffic Mod v 5.0

Multi-Traffic-Mod-v-5.0-1 Multi-Traffic-Mod-v-5.0-2 Multi-Traffic-Mod-v-5.0-3 Multi-Traffic-Mod-v-5.0-4

The Mod’s contained are not altered but only put together and also work with the TSM MAP 4X, with or without JPM .
It is alternatively contain an extra JPM for this traffic mod in the folder.
The mods included are not changed, but only put together and also work with the TSM MAP 4X .
It was important to have more variety in traffic and even more vehicles on the road.

Assembled MOD ‘S and vehicles :
– Some trucks from ETS2 -141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod ver – 2-by- Scanreg
– Vehicle_TDU
– Unladen trailer in Traffic
– Different vehicles from the Grand_Canyon_mod
– Various vehicles from the Eastern Bloc
– C- class police
– Sprinter ambulance
– Ducato Police PL
– BMW X3/BMW E36/BMW X5/VW-BUS Caravelle much more.
– Sprinter UPS, TNT , DHL, SDA , BRT
– Sprinter long version
– TrailerTZ_fliegl_log_trailer Corni skin
– Trailer Scania Vibes training ground skin (Standalone)
– Trailer Scania Retro (Standalone)
– Light of the vehicles changed ( Heller)
– Changing speed of the traffic
– Various heavy duty trailer , etc.
– Painted Truck 1 + 2
– Parts of Jazzycats Trailer Packs (normal, Military , Cargo also . )
– Well over 200 different trailer skins.
– Various coaches and skins.

If the above trailer or other traffic mods should be in your profile , then you will not mitladen otherwise the game will not start. Also, no additional vehicles in traffic should be available.
The mod is a private project and therefore I am not responsible for possible game crashes or other problems that could cause the MOD .
It is forbidden to use this MOD commercially .
It is encouraged to have fun with it and wish even after adjust own

Authors: mAn-TrUcKeR, TSM-Team, HarryTuttle, Corni, Jazzycat, pauke2004, valera_t, AlligatorSE, Scanreg, Georgegold CZ,Jennenz, SCS,Sinclair,nkuh,Atak_Snajpera,Srele,EoF,tacsi68 u.a., kilroy


12 Responses to Multi Traffic Mod v 5.0

  1. bryan says:

    hello I miss the fire because it does have police and ambulance but no fire you can adjust


  2. ThePlayer says:

    Can you please make the same mod for average computers ?

    • Bernie says:

      You are right. More and more new mods cannot work with average computers like mine. And I donĀ“t think that most of us have a high-end PC.

  3. Snodden says:

    I try to download 1 big file but it stop at 93%

  4. svd says:

    Traffic vehicles are OK but increase more traffic in on direction

    • Sobies says:

      You got trucks from this mod?? I got only cars from AI folder, none from truck traffic folder…:/

  5. Wennberg says:

    There isn’t any job to find when i activate this mod

  6. Chera Robinson says:

    This mod sucks..i don t have any jobs!

  7. Sobies says:

    Where are these new trucks?? I don’t have any in game…:/ AI Traffic such as S600 or Harley OK, but I don’t have any new trucks such as Mack, or VW Constelation, or any from Truck folder… I tried lot of combinations, but still nothing… šŸ™
    Please, help me.

  8. NvidiaPro says:

    Will this work on Promod v1.52 on 1.8 + Snow mod?

  9. Human says:

    Hy author nice mod but please make this working for new 1.9.x game version too and ofcourse if possible decrease the old pmg format file in the pack that traffic car can load much faster in game

  10. Dan says:

    Can you please update this great mod for 1.9x please ?

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