Multi Traffic Mod v 8.0


This is the Multi Traffic Mod Version 8 (for Patch 1.13 ff) from TSM User Kilroy.

Included in the mod:

– some Trucks ETS2-141-Realistic-AI-Traffic-Mod-ver-2-by-Scanreg
– some Vehicles from TDU
– some Vehicles from Grand_Canyon_mod
– some Vehicles from Eastern Europe
– Police C-Class
– Sprinter Ambulance
– Ducato Police for all Countrys
– BMW X3/BMW X5/VW-BUS Caravelle, Buli
– Sprinter UPS,TNT,DHL etc.
– Sprinter long version
– include Renault Kangoo
– Changed Light of the vehicles (brighter)
– Changed Speed of the Traffic
– some new PKW
– All Versions from Truck-Traffic und Car-Traffic from Jazzycat

You should only have one traffic mod activated in your profile.
This mod is a private project and we will take no responsibility for any Game Crashes or other problems.
It is forbidden to use this mod for commercial purpose.
It is explicit allowed to have fun with it.
(if we someone have forgotten, please excuse & write us, that we can include him here)

much Greetings
i.O. Kilroy

HarryTuttle, Jazzycat, valera_t, AlligatorSE, Scanreg, Georgegold CZ,Jennenz, SCS,Sinclair, nkuh, Atak_Snajpera, Srele,EoF, tacsi68, solaris36. Henki u.a.


16 thoughts on “Multi Traffic Mod v 8.0

  1. Only for premium? What´s is this? please…

  2. anonymous

    The file is too big for your download package!
    The file size of this link (1,122 GB) is too big for your download package.

    Starting at a file size of 1024 MB you’ll need a Premium-Account.

  3. experimentaltrucker

    Hello. if possible, if someone has this already, could you please upload to mediafire, zippyshare, sharemods, etc? Without a premium account, this file is too large to download from the current download site.

  4. hey,

    this is a ohter link for this mod

    you must download part1 and part2.

    sorry for my english


    1. Спасибо друг!

    1. thx

    2. i tried those files you stored in sharemods, but ended up situation where part one unpacked without any problem, but part 2 of those files turned from packed 580mb to 0mb after unpacking and when i loadeed my game v. with these files activated it crashed a second after the point i arrived in my truck cabin

  5. experimentaltrucker

    @kilroy, Thanks for the update.

  6. Compatibility with Promods?
    Also do they are all updated for 1.13 without old .pmg version?

    1. @Willy it´s for all maps compatibel and for 1.13xxx


      1. Hello, Kilroy! Very good job, but why have two files with the same name? I think the brightness is very high level!

        1. not the same file-name, it´s part1 and part2 ! brightness to high ..hmm..? i have no problem with the brightnees ingame.


          1. i had truoble unpacing them, i got from part two packed 580mb turn to 0 and dont show in mod activation page in game and crashed game after loaded to truckcabin

          2. i dont know this problem. hundred of users have no problem with pat1 or 2.. the files are ok.


  7. Note: there are DL either as one-part or two-part download the. When 2-Part Download unzip only the Part 1, the second is automatically unpacked.

    part 1 700MB
    part 2 580MB


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