My version of the Skoda MPT V.2

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For several years I have been working on the Skoda MPTruckers on my own, updating it and correcting bugs. I also added new features and enhancements, including:


Buttons windows
Shift lever
Brake, accelerator and clutch pedals (the clutch works with the engine brake)

Two on-board computers, one for the standard version and one for the exclusive version. Both computers have all the functions that allows the support of the game
Two gps (standard and exclusive version)
Two types of dashboard lights (standard and exclusive)
Multiple object holders
Realistic specifications (weight, consumption, air pressure, battery voltage…)
Adapted the weight of the caravan to keep it from trembling at high speed

It works smoothly on any type of computer
Updated for version 1.44
No errors on the game.log

Changes and new characteristics V. 2:

In both versions (UK and continental):

Fixed the modified gps
Arrangement location of seat objects
Consumption and realistic specifications for the 2.0 Tsi engine
Low air pressure dashboard indicator
Support cabin objects between the front seats Support cabin objects on the floor in front of the passenger seat
Real Skoda logo (steering wheel and exterior)
Greater variety of cabin objects

In UK versión:

Updated pma files
Cab objects holder on dashboard tray
Arrangement position objects dashboard tray and mobile stand
Accelerator pedal animation
Brake pedal animation
Clutch pedal animation. The clutch operates with the engine brake, so it must be engaged and the corresponding buttons assigned
Driver window button animation
Passenger window button animation

I’ve tried to take full advantage of all the capabilities and features of the game engine, so I encourage you to explore how it works under any circumstances (carrying loads, low air pressure, low fuel, damaged…)

MP Truckers, Edsor


12 thoughts on “My version of the Skoda MPT V.2

  1. Orus Picarous

    I love how you made a UK version of the car! Everything works as expected and is top-notch! I’m yet to see anyone add this many bells and whistles to their car mods.

    I look forward to seeing more from you. Keep it up!

  2. Wszystko super ale mógł byś zrobic aby sie krecił do max obrotów?

  3. Impressive work on a car. I wish the windshield had less reflections and more of the normal colors go thtough it and not look like it’s rainy outside.
    Nonetheless, great stuff.

  4. Sorry but the gauges don’t work

  5. You sent
    Can you make BMW E 38 mod 1.43 1.44 vesria?
    You sent

  6. bob bloggs

    please add the new skoda badge as an option as this is the old badge

  7. WoW great! Everything works so far 🙂 Last time i wanted to ask You if You could made painting rims but You did it already now :D. Good work, definitely will looking for update and download Your next work. Good luck!

  8. yusuf usta81

    lutfen verın

  9. Александър Белев

    Can you pls i am a huge fan of the game and pls can you make a mercedes benz GLS maybach brabus from 2022

  10. Mikulás

    Csodálatos munka! Köszönöm! 🙂

  11. pls skoda yeti plss

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