MZKT Volat v 1.0 [1.27.x]

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Registered in the DAF auto show
Has tuning
Supports accessories
Hard to cling to conventional trailers.
Test on version



26 thoughts on “MZKT Volat v 1.0 [1.27.x]

  1. Sergosh, Please make the Dodge Ram 3500 HD Laramie Longhorn Cummins Turbo Diesel! it’s old or new 2018 mod and Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck awesome!

  2. 2017 Ram 3500 HD Laramie Longhorn Cummins Turbo Diesel – Ext and int Walkaround… so make it for WIP now!

    this one:

    1. kid please, stop replying to every posts to make a mod for you, if you want dodge ram 3500 HD or whatever it is just go play on Forza horizon 3 or need for speed or whatever, first this isn’t racing game, second it’s not that easy to make a mod that is something like that isn’t truck, third you are being ignorant and keep commenting on every post to make a mod for you, it’s not going to happen. or go play GTA5 there you can get a car like that,
      here it’s a mod for gta5 you can use, stop begging to make mod, none can make a mod like that, benz sls, benz G class are one of the mods that have been made almost as perfect as possible currently,

      1. Stav, ets2 to HD pickup trucks need mods….

        1. MREnglishGamer

          It is very annoying, if you want to drive cars, download city car driving, this is called EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2, hence the name TRUCK.

    2. hey Kenseth, stop begging to make mod for you that in every single post, you are being ignorant to other people, first this game is truck game and not car game, if you want cars like you requested on every posts than go play car games not truck game, second it’s not as easy as what you think to make these mods how about you go ahead learn how to make mod for yourself rather than begging other modders for it, third you are commenting on every post to make mod for you,

      1. need Heavy Duty pickup trucks mod for ETS2 mods….

        1. Or you could try to make it yourself instead of pestering people. Sheesh.

          1. oh yes I want Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks for make ETS2 mods.. so I am worried because to asking about it…

        2. You won’t get anywhere by begging, honestly. It will get you nowhere so just stop trying.

          1. Oh, I will.

  3. Надобно эту штуковину в ATS переписать))

    1. В Spintires утащат вместе с DAF offroad ))
      Кстати говоря, этот МЗКТ давно уже устарел, вот поновее

  4. favore poi fare questo iveco magelys 2017 questo grazie ciaoo

  5. lupi tigre

    favore poi fare questo iveco magelys 2017 questo grazie ciaoo

  6. favore poi fare un iveco magelys 2017 grazie ciaoo

  7. MREnglishGamer

    test video —>

  8. A really great addition to this game

  9. Dashboard is Scania 4 Series XDDD

    1. it’s cockpit dashboard fake mod?

  10. “Hard to cling to conventional trailers.” yeah no ####

  11. how i can turn it to scs?

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