N-Series Engines And Transmissions


Power engines for Volvo and transmissions for the engines.
You can accelerate to 265 km/h.



9 Responses to N-Series Engines And Transmissions

  1. Kenny says:

    14250 nm is too little. i need more then 100.000 to fly *rolleyes*

  2. Ultrabald says:

    What’s the point in driving at 265km/h in a TRUCK game ? Why don’t you just play a RACE game ?!

  3. tantau says:

    WTF did you look under the modders? Go back to Nascar or GTM, #####!

  4. ester says:

    Disappear quickly from here you moron, neshur
    You’re so dumb as empty bottle.

  5. melios says:

    When extract the rar file i see only sii file and not scs.
    wrere i must put this file(sii)?

  6. Pffft says:

    Looks like someone just finds out how to edit the sii

  7. Karikas says:

    Hi all how to install this mod?? Please someone help…Thx

  8. @dr_jaymz says:

    eurotruck undergroud?

  9. Ouskiller says:

    Where do i install SII files?

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