Nagel Group Krone Trailer [1.32]

This is a NAGEL-GROUP Skin for the Krone Coolliner. It works only with ETS2-Version 1.32 and the Krone Trailer DLC.
To install only copy the downloaded file to
Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mods
Uploading to other sides without my permission is NOT allowed!
Have Fun!



3 thoughts on “Nagel Group Krone Trailer [1.32]

  1. What you write: Uploading to other sides without my permission is NOT allowed!
    1 – you have permission to block the example structure of the krone, left free for everyone from the original author?
    2- Do you have permission to edit textures already edited by other authors?
    3- of yours there is nothing at all and your way of doing is very incorrect.
    What do you want to prove to be smarter than everyone.
    For the people like you, the modders broke their #####.

  2. Sorry Man, this is my first public modification. I already uploaded a new version on the Steam Workshop, but I don’t know how to edit / delete this topic here, because I was not registered….

  3. There is no problem, for me it is not correct to block the mods, and just as you have learned from the free mods, others can understand how to do it.
    Otherwise you only block your textures and leave at least the definitions free.

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