Narko Curtainsider Pack

Narko-Curtainsider-1 Narko-Curtainsider-3 Narko-Curtainsider-2

Trailer Narko Curtainsider by Quentin edit and convert to ETS2 1.22 by jeyjey-16

Two versions, one with dhollandia, one without.

Trailers are in traffic.

Trailers are standalone.

Trailers have owns wheels.


Authors: Quentin, Nordisch, Bora, Jeyjey-16

DOWNLOAD 12 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 12 MB [Uploadfiles]

6 thoughts on “Narko Curtainsider Pack

  1. no shadow in world?

  2. Trailer Narko Curtainsider by Quentin pmg is lock.
    Trailer hacked!!

  3. jeyjey_16

    Oppsss sorry for shadow, come to the next version.

    Lol, I give all credits, and when I donwload it the .pmg are open.
    Plus Quentin stop modding since GTS, I think he don’t care about that. …

  4. LOL?, do u have permission from Quentin to open pmg?, you do not have. btw trailer is hacked. Respect the moders, #### hacker!!!

    1. hi, do you have any templates for the trailer so i can make my own skins?

    2. jeyjey-16

      Like I said Quentin as stop modding since long time… It’s not hacking, I don’t appropriate the moddels, all autors are on the credits…

      Jazzicat’s trailer pack are hacked too because he used Narko cargobox of the same autors…

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