NaturaLux – ETS2 Edition

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“NaturaLux” is a weather and graphics mod, bringing the visuals of the game engine to a new level.

SIMPLIFIED FEATURES (as of this version (1.0.0ob-220719)):

Over 250 skybox/skydome textures in mostly 8 and up to 16K quality

Every single skybox/skydome texture comes with individual and the most realistic visuals, as currently possible within the game limitations

Improved, custom and realistic cloud shadows

Realistic sun visuals (including custom flare)

Improved skybox model (higher poly, seamless textures)

Improved alpha channels for realistic cloud masking (sun does not shine through clouds anymore)

Enhanced visuals during rainy weather (new rain streaks, no shining sun through cloudy skies, fog, rainbows, rain intensity variations)

Realistic and soft bloom settings

New sound effects (rain and thunder)

Some improved ground textures

More realistic light flares and light behaviour / visuals

Improved particles

Total overhaul of night visuals incl. realistic and correct nightsky and star positions

Realistic looks of the moon

New loading screens

And this is by far not everything – there is more to come, as this is only the open beta.


Minimal Game Requirements:
Euro Truck Simulator 2 (64-bit) 1.35.xs – DX11 only

Minimal Hardware Requirements:
Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz
2 GB VRAM (Graphics card)
At least 20 GB available hard drive space

Recommended Hardware Requirements:
Quad core CPU 3.0 GHz
12+ GB RAM
4+ GB VRAM (Graphics card)
30+ GB available hard drive space on SSD (Future-proofing)

Several launch options via “Steam” and some other tweaks are recommended!
More informations about these can be found under

In order to work properly with other mods, “NaturaLux” needs to have the highest priority in your mod list.
Exception: Mods altering traffic/AI behaviour – These should stay above the main mod and its add-ons.

Some modifications require an additional add-on by us (e.g. “Sound Fixes Pack”), which should have a higher priority, than the main mod and any other add-ons from “NaturaLux”.
More informations about compatibility add-ons and how to install them can be found under


At this moment “NaturaLux” offers following add-ons:

Compatibility Add-Ons

“Sound Fixes Pack” Compatibility Add-on

“ProMods” Compatibility Add-on

“Tregion” Compatibility Add-on

Other Add-Ons

Subtle Floating Icon Add-on

No Floating Icon Add-on

Vegetation Fix Add-on

Monthly – July Add-on




77 Responses to NaturaLux – ETS2 Edition

  1. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test 1.35

  2. confucius says:

    How are you supposed to download when you can’t register on the forum?

  3. Kolda says:

    Jesus Christ, what a complicated way to download a MOD.

  4. ERNST says:


  5. Mathers says:

    Can’t even download

  6. Guido.S says:

    Looks like spam for me you have to register in merheren forums to download only this one mod?
    no thanks then I prefer to use the Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod by DamianSVW

  7. gertrucker says:

    ### – too complicated and then website (Internal Server Error) not accessible.

  8. manuel pena says:

    vaya mierda,acabas antes de hacer una fabada antes que descargar todo esto

  9. Andreas Sørensen says:

    website and download links says (Internal Server Error),
    and the achives are corrupt

  10. Leon says:

    A serious link please !

  11. TheNuvolari says:

    Aaawwwww, come on guys. Registering is for to prevent thieves.
    Although I’m pretty sure someone’s going to stole it, well, because of some cheeky guys.

    The archives aren’t corrupt, just follow the installation instuctions written on the official site.

    As for the internal server error, try the link with another browser, that worked for me.

    • Andreas Sørensen says:

      still says (Internal Server Error) in internet edge

    • Eu Driver says:

      Server work normal, archive its ok, dont lie here, kids……

  12. Ricardo says:

    i love this mod. beautiful

  13. blacksea2601 says:

    Ben böyle bir şey görmedim. 4 gündür indiremedim.

    • egea35 says:

      Boş ver uğraşma kardeş!
      Belli ki ağam bizimle eylenir!!
      Boşuna iki siteye zorunlu üye yaptılar üzerine yetmedi 7zip istiyor o da yetmiyor zipten çıkartırken hata veriyor! Özellikle ilk part eksik iniyor!!

  14. Flurk says:

    internal server error

  15. Andreas Sørensen says:

    when i try to extract files it says that it is corrupt or nothing happens, please grow up dont call someone else a kid, when i dont know the person

  16. Pfffff says:

    @ EU driver hey litlle ###### kid,
    broken download site, need to register two time for download a mod that file are corupted, check on scs forum A LOT OF PEOPLE CANT DOWNLOAD OR EXTRACT FILES…

  17. Pffff says:

    server is broken files are corrupted you need to create two account for download this mod
    stop lying here

  18. Jakub says:

    jak wogóle to pobrać ????

  19. Dampfwalze says:

    The downloading DOES work.
    If you get “500 internal server error”, you need to retry it a few times.
    The server is probably under high load at the moment.

  20. Dorel says:

    internal server erro

  21. Mr.Chirawat Hiranprateep says:

    Internal Server Error

  22. TheGreenlightTrucker says:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator at your hosting provider to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    😀 😀 😀

  23. kasrowi says:

    in what mod category does “NaturaLux” mainly belong to? (One category is enough):
    This question is a means of preventing automated form submissions by spambots.

    what is the answer?

  24. juan says:

    the mod is excellent … but the way to download it …. pufff … you must register 2 times … you must also download 7 gb of a 1 at a time

  25. Andreas Sørensen says:


  26. Optimus24FR says:

    Very complicated your site…

  27. khan says:

    internal server error at least

  28. tunning6000 says:

    top graphics, amazing work, just keep going

  29. GermanETS2Driver says:

    Not worth it. Try a other way.

  30. mortel says:

    just put sharemods link in and not that trash

  31. Kimmer says:

    Nasıl indireceksiniz? (Türkçe altyazı)
    Como baixar? (Legendas em português)
    Как скачать? (Русские субтитры)
    How to download? (English subtitles)

  32. KalashnikovN says:

    @GerScaniaTrucker internal server error please sharemods use pleaseeeee

  33. Gabriel says:

    i can’t download this mod. use sharemods please

  34. CristianB says:

    I get past that internal server error but to register….Jesus…i tried 3 times, 3 times told me it didn’t work and try again. I just quit, not worth it. It’s just a mod for a game, uploaded somewhere on sharemods or mediafire, something. It’s not like seeling gold on the internet

  35. reuploudgg says:

    oh my good! this #### download of this mod! common! is not ok.. make’it easy to download! you not sell the gold man! is too many #### to download this mod! i just pisit on this mod because i spend to many time to download! think with the had not with the feet! is just a #### wheather mod

  36. Truckerbrrs says:

    I can’t download the first part and the other files are not coming as winrar file

  37. Moura2603 says:

    Eu não posso baixar a primeira parte e os outros arquivos não estão vindo como arquivo winrar

  38. wegger says:

    Guys, on the page 141, i explain how to correctly download steap by step this mod:

  39. waste time says:


  40. spartacus33 says:

    Bonjour…. mon dieu… COMMENT est-ce POSSIBLE DE FAIRE +compliqué que cela ??? autant faire payé et on en parle plus…. non ??? à éviter de toute urgence, les multiples inscriptions continues ressemble + à du click to pay en publicité….
    Vous pouvez fuir ce lien, merci !!!

    Hello…. My god… HOW is it POSSIBLE to do ‘complicated that it ??? as much get paid and we talk more …. no??? to avoid urgently, the multiple continuous registrations looks like click to pay in advertising….
    You can escape this link, thank you !!!

  41. Steffen says:

    entweder ich kann die Software runterladen oder ihr schiebt euch das in den (böses Wort)
    Registrierung (Antwort für Kategorie ständig falsch) geht nicht und wozu muss ich erst Mitglied in irgendwelchen Foren sein????

  42. karamba says:

    Delete this mod, delete forum.


  43. karamba says:

    Make this mod private, and stop “sharing” like this.
    You are dushbag bro. Please delete this from this website and ban that account.

  44. zui says:

    Läuft alles perfekt! Und die, die hier nur am maulen sind, ihr könnt entweder nicht lesen, oder seit einfach nur blöd. Klingt zwar komisch, ist aber so.

    • conny says:

      hey “zui,” mit dem “blöd” vorsichtig, du bist scheinbar nicht schlauer, wenn du andere so bezeichnest.

  45. HST Groep says:

    works fine just read the steps .

  46. Paul says:

    Mod is working. No problem with download but I can’t see anything actual changes in game. Added a lot of skyboxes, increase lightning distance and less shadows sharpening but… It may do also with another graphics mode.

  47. rosgillies says:

    Works for me but in VR it`s a real fPS killer. From steady 80fps straight down to 10-15fps. So not using it now as it is obviously not optimised. 8k? Whp needs that?

  48. a says:

    Register just to download a mod?!

    Well…frankly, that put me off download!

  49. Theosz says:

    I have already downloaded this mod at least four times but when I try to compress it shows message that some file is damaged. Each file takes almost an hour to download, the files are huge, the way to download is difficult, you have to register in the forum, the files are huge, the mod is huge, you have to visit multiple pages, the server It is too slow, the downloaded files are damaged and what is the result? so it’s so different from being able to do it via sharemods or any other decent server. It was just a waste of time and irritation

  50. Driver says:

    Es geht nicht runterzuladen.
    Was soll der Mist mit Forum und Rules….
    Короче,хуйня полная!!!!

  51. Nitesh25 says:

    Can u make it to work for DirectX 12.. game crashes when I load NL mod.

  52. 2 acct’s to create;
    Can you make it any more complicated?
    Pure BS, sorry

    Thanx, but no thanx

  53. Krasavik says:

    Hello i habe downloaded the mod without problems but i have problems to install it, I can’t open it with WinRAR then I have followed the Steps on the Forum how to install the mod but when i extract it they have to be scs files but at my folder they are another folders like model, skybox or something else.
    Can please someone give me a advice or help me?

  54. Flurk says:

    why do it the easy way if you can make it difficult to

  55. niewazne says:

    Archive is broken firefox and chrome i lost 6 gb

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