NeonMODv4 + Changeable Foglights and Cabin Lİghts


There is two type foglihts. Outter and inner.

Outter foglights are openning with “o” key (beacon key)
Inners are openning with high beams

+ you have to select special 4×2 chasis for foglights

You can place neons on top grill if you want cab lights and you can on/off with “o” key



16 thoughts on “NeonMODv4 + Changeable Foglights and Cabin Lİghts

  1. link don`t work !!

    1. link works now but mod is not for Scania R2008 50K
      thanks for the good mod info

      1. FurkanSevke

        scania r2008 50k isnt my mod. but if you convert my chasis def to r2008 you can use

        1. Can you tell me what lines I have to change to r2008.
          i don`t know which and how many lines I have to change ?

  2. broken link, canot download this mod !!

  3. Subliminal

    Yes, because sharemods sucks, it’s a crappy website for poor modders.

  4. Mod dont work(beta Patch Steam)
    other tunning mods activatet

  5. even not working only with ur mod!!! might be the beta Patch????

  6. FurkanSevke

    link works but there is problem with sharemods. it will fix soon.

    if you dont change special chasis you cant see foglights 🙂

  7. FurkanSevke

    you are forgetten the first frame picture!!!

  8. Is it work with beta patch?

    1. FurkanSevke

      i am using original steam game (public_beta). And mod still working, everytime works. there is problem with you please close other mods

  9. Дебил Ебаный!У тебя ссылка не работает.

  10. update please

  11. TCab ScaniaFan24

    why doesnt it work with a Tcab cant u make one were it does plz

  12. Alexander Lindström

    15 Responses to NeonMODv4 + Changeable Foglights and Cabin Lİghts Fungerar Den Till Strem&Promods 1,25

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