Neoplan New Tourliner 2021 13-14 [1.40-1.41]

1) Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.40 ve 1.41) sürümü ile uyumludur.
2) Yüksek Model Kalitesi
3) Real İnterior Mevcuttur.
4) Gerçekçi Motor ve Şanzıman Değerleri.
5) Real 2 Adet Motor Sesi Mevcuttur.
6) Real 2 Adet Retarder Sesi Mevcuttur.
7) Animasyonlu Paspas Mevcuttur.
8) 6 Adet Kabin Işığı Mevcuttur.
9) 4 Adet Ayna Mevcuttur.
10) 2 Adet Yan Direk Mevcuttur.
10) 2 Adet Bagaj Kolu Çerçevesi Mevcuttur.
12) 3 Adet Direksiyon Mevcuttur.
13) 2 Adet Sis Çerçecesi Mevcuttur.
14) 2 Adet Panjur Mevcuttur.
15) 5 Adet Koltuk Mevcuttur.
16) 5 Adet Tavan Mevcuttur.
17) 5 Adet Perde Mevcuttur.
18) 4 Adet Parke Mevcuttur.
19) Parke İçin Halıfleks Mevcuttur.
20) Slotlu Çeki Demiri Mevcuttur.
21) Slotlu Yolcu Mevcuttur.
22) Slotlu Anten Mevcuttur.
23) Slotlu Güneşlik Mevcuttur.
24) Skin Desteği Mevcuttur.
25) Template Mevcuttur.
26) Kişiye Özel Ayarlanılabilen Plaka Mevcuttur.
27) Animasyonlu Klima Mevcuttur.
28) Kendine Ait Kapak ve Alcoa Mevcuttur.
29) Kendine Ait Lastik Mevcuttur.

1) compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.40 and 1.41).
2) High Model Quality
3) Real Interior Is Available.
4) realistic engine and transmission values.
5) Real 2pcs Engine Sound Available.
6) Real 2 PCs Retarder Sound Are Available.
7) Animated Mat Is Available.
8) 6pcs Cabin Lights Are Available.
9) 4pcs Mirrors Are Available.
10) 2 Side Posts Are Available.
10) 2 Pieces Of Luggage Handle Frame Are Available.
12) 3pcs Steering Wheel Are Available.
13) 2 Fog Items Are Available.
14) 2pcs Blinds Are Available.
15) 5 Seats Are Available.
16) 5 Pcs Ceiling Are Available.
17) 5 Pieces Curtains Are Available.
18) 4 Parquet Is Available.
19) Haliflex Is Available For Parquet.
20) Slot Check Iron Is Available.
21) Passenger With Slot Is Available.
22) Slot Antenna Available.
23) Slot Sunshade Available.
24) Skin Support Is Available.
25) Template Available.
26) Custom Adjustable Plate Is Available.
27) Animated Air Conditioning Is Available.
28) self-contained cover and Alcoa are available.
29) Own Tire Is Available.

Project Owner: İsa Haşlama
Model Owner: Ismail Arslan – Emin Doğuş Güraksin
Model Edit and Convert: Harun Aras
Other 3D models: Yağız Copperci
Skin: Yusuf Ziya Kencebay-Abdullah Zengin-Furkan Fleeting


13 thoughts on “Neoplan New Tourliner 2021 13-14 [1.40-1.41]

  1. Benim adım ege

  2. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 / Neoplan TOURLiNER (Dingilli) [1.41]

  3. model owner Ismail Arslan – Emin Doğuş Güraksin
    this cockpit looks like fernbus simulator man lions coach 3rd cockpit model.
    i will mail to tml studios for copyright.

    1. You do that, before you get something better to do

      1. fernbus man model stolen. would you talk like that if they stole your model?

  4. bende kapı açılmıyor sadece bu modu kullanıyorum başka modda yok

    1. karsiyakali1912

      metalik boyalarda oyun desteklemediği için kapı çalışmamaktadır.

  5. Setra Omnibus GmbH

    The NEOPLAN Tourliner is a touring coach from today’s company MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG

    if the bus should have its reality I would ask for the original sound
    first the sound needs to be improved so the bus is really great

    (1) Sound definitely needs to be improved
    I ask for the original sound MAN engine
    Thank you

  6. Very well put together. Definitely one of the best bus mods out there! Two things it is lacking though:
    1. No door animations for the right doors
    2. Sound on high revs is not quite done well; one can hear where the audio repeats itself. Quite unnatural feel

    Other than these two, this would have been my #1 bus mod

    1. karsiyakali1912

      The door does not work because the game does not support metallic paints.

  7. ismail yagcıoglu

    merhabalar mod nasıl indirebiliriz

  8. The color of the rear-view mirror is incorrect, the color of the electronic mirror is used on the standard mirror.

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