Neoplan New Tourliner C13 (1.48)


– Updated to 1.48.X

Project Owner: Heavy Vehicles Turkey / HVT
Model: İsmail Arslan
Edit, Convert: Harun Aras (KskLi1453)
Other 3D Models: Emin Doğuş Güraksın – Harun Aras
Textures: Emin Doğuş Güraksın
Skin, Logo: Furkan Kısacık – Berkant Terzi


4 thoughts on “Neoplan New Tourliner C13 (1.48)

  1. Anadolu Isuzu Citibus Bursa ÖHO
    bu modu yaparmısınız otobüs modu

  2. the bus is super, if only the driver and passengers could be seated there it would be great

  3. What is the button to open the car door?

  4. Super Bus 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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