Neoplan New Tourliner Euro 6 1.37

Whats Added?
-1 Chassis Added.
-1 Cabin Added.
-Realistic Engine Sound (FMOD) Added.
-17 New Skins Added.
-New Realistic İnterior Added.
-Front Door and Window Animations Added.
-Openable Baggage Added.
-Realistic Suspension Added.
-New Accessories Parts Added.
-Have Fun. 🙂

Model: SCS
Edit-Convert: Polat Yildiran
Parts: TunaK.,Muco38,SİSL
Skins: Emre Turgut,Batuhan,Canserap,Yusuf Temel, Arda İcten

Polat Yıldıran


15 thoughts on “Neoplan New Tourliner Euro 6 1.37

  1. MohSkinner

    Greatjob Brothers

  2. Marius-Octavian

    It is a good bus. But there is a big problem, unfortunately. Toll gates. It doesn t work to go trough them when you have to pay for a highway (Italy-Trieste) or when you have to go pass a border check. Please fix this, because it is a really nice mod. Thank you.

  3. MohSkinner

    Hi Polat

    example Skin not working

    I hope you can fix that

  4. It makes my other trucks shake!

  5. jensomatrix

    The wipers work, but the rain on the window dont disappear

  6. test+videosu:+

  7. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.37….

  8. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.37…

  9. knk herşey siyah oluyo çözüm ne biliyon mu

  10. ola, este mod está espetacular, sera que poderia colocar um skin de empresa em portugal?

  11. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2, Neoplan TOURLİNER ? Tuning Mod ?[1.37]

  12. Burak Yücel

    Marius Octavian Hi and this is your problem, the mod has no problem

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