Neoplan Skyliner Mod for ETS2 1.36

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First time on ETS2 We made a Bus which is Neoplan Skyliner. Alhamdulillah!
First of all thanks to Fahim Auvro for supporting and putting a lot of efforts..
The model was made by me(Md Shahid Ahammed).
And Fahim Auvro Converted for ETS2 and created all the textures and added interiors.
Credit goes equally to both of us.Wherever you share the bus please put an equal credit of us.
Both of us worked very hard to complete this equally.Please Support both of us.
wherever you share the bus please please share our link.

Bus Details:
Bus Dealer : Man
Steering:Right handed (UK) & left handed (EU)
Speed ,Suspension and Transmission: Original (Top Speed 152)
Version: 1.35(DX11 must) and 1.36 (DX11) (Please report if you find any problem)
you can report here:

I have dedicated this bus to those who have thought about our BD Creative Zone group for at least one day.I have dedicated this bus to those who have spent so much money out of their pockets for BD Creative Zone group. And finally this bus has been dedicated to all our BD Creative Zone admin panel and all the people who have helped me.Its my gift to you all on the occasion of my birthday. )

Md Shahid Ahammed & Fahim Auvro


13 thoughts on “Neoplan Skyliner Mod for ETS2 1.36

  1. AfzallPixell

    Bus Video Test ETS2 1.36……….

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  3. Dillinger Johnny

    There are not enough words that can express just how much I appreciate your kindness and generosity to me and all of us.
    Thank you very much my dear brothers.

  4. MohSkinner

    Hi MD Shahid Ahmmed

    Thank you for bus & plz make template for bus

    Good Luck To you


    Fahim Auvro thank you for convert this bus.

    masirat muwafaqat lakom ‘akhwani wakulu altawfiq walnajah alddayim insha allah

    Good luck to you, my brothers, and all the success and lasting success, Incha allah

  5. MD Shahid Ahammed

    we thank you all for appreciating our bus ! We are working on a very premium Neoplan bus now… It was my first mod. Thank you so much for playing! and I checked every of your videos… Thank you for playing!

    1. You can make neoplan megaliner and jumbocruiser?

      If you make two bus which I mentioned above i will appreciate it

      Thank you

  6. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Okay, ahm … no. Just no.

    It would be great mod, but I think he uploaded a BETA of this mod.

    Tested in a clean profile @ 1.36.

  7. squirrel

    Window wipers do not work, dashboard textures are wrong, no license plates or paintjob no customisation options 🙁 4/10 mod should of used the Neoplan Skyliner model from Fernbus instead much better quality.

    1. MD Shahid Ahammed

      well. I am accepting all the bugs you reported..But we can not use Neoplan Skyliner from fernbus ! Cause the game won’t be able to run that .too much polygons ! We tried that a long ago! Plus, I made this model.. if I import that model then, I had no reason of making my own model.. Finally , I thank you so much for all the reports… I am actually working on a very premium model of Neoplan Skyliner 2018 and trying to make it as Fernbus.

      1. Keep up the good work. Besides the bugs, i m loving this. Yeaaaaaaaahhhaaaaa!!!!

  8. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.36…

  9. Thank you

  10. You can make neoplan megaliner and jumbocruiser?

    If you make two bus which I mentioned above i will appreciate it

    Thank you

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