Neoplan Starliner 1 N516 Bus Mod

Model: Exelans
Wheel Model: Doğukan BK
Convert Vehicle And Wheel: (Furkan Gezek)
Car skin and logo owners: (Furkan Gezek)
Tested Versions: 1.27.x – 1.28.x
Sound Mode: Tuna Karal
Note: The car exits from the Man gallery. You can choose your own steering wheel. There are 3 pieces of skin support in the car and it is in the side glass skin support

Furkan Gezek , Tuna Karal , Doruk Kırbay , Görkem Burak Kaya


7 thoughts on “Neoplan Starliner 1 N516 Bus Mod

  1. I doesn’t look like you even textured the interior. Don’t take my word for it – I have not downloaded the mod and tried it yet. I am saying this to suggest that in future, you use colourful and bright colour schemes for the bus when making screenshots, since busses on here are often untextured or low quality. Thanks for the upload!

    1. I can’t judge well from the screenshot. Note: NOT CRITICISM, only a suggestion.

  2. very not good bus it….

  3. Kim Jong-Un

    It looks like North Korea nuked it.

  4. Stephen Butler

    This bus looks TERRIBLE. I appreciate that some people are new to modding, and this could be your first attempt, but come on, explain that in the commentary, and then promise – and I mean PROMISE – that you will come up with a more complete version later. But this is not likely to make anyone want to download it – certainly not me. x

  5. Meteninki

    Aracı Çok Beklettik Diyorsunuz Ama 6 Kişi Aracı Yapamamışsınız.
    İnsan Dummyleri Siler Hadi Onu Geçtim İnteriora Hiç Uğraşılmamış Sadece Modu Paylaşmak İçin Yapmayın İnsan Gibi Yapın.

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