Nescafe semitrailer


Hello, this mod will add a Trailer to the game and it’s called Nescafe ingame, the Trailer mass is on 16000.
It runs on version 1.13x, i never testet it on 1.14. It works with the other trailer i have made, other than that, i dont know what trailers it works with.
Your not allowed to edit this or post it as download on other websites, if you want others to have it, then give them a link to the page from
It’s made with ETS2 Studio.



3 thoughts on “Nescafe semitrailer

  1. Your mod works perfectly in 1.14x too. No worries!

    1. Okey 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Someone has posted this on another mod site and because of this, i will no longer make any mods at all on public websites.

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