New Actros display


New display for Mercedes-Benz Actros. Two mod versions.

Works on 1.8.x

Author: kuba141


5 thoughts on “New Actros display

  1. davrsmania

    Nice mod, good job!

  2. watch this mod preview:

  3. memo90frost

    Basically OP took the mod from and slapped his name on the credits. NICE JOB!

    1. While I don’t agree with passing off someone elses work as your own I do prefer to have smaller, specific mods over mega-packs which often conflict with other mods. Will try this out later as it looks clearer and adds functionality 🙂

  4. that mod looks appealing.Especially the dials which are never visible at night.The whole clock assembly should be well vissible and all indicators showing well at all time.
    it looks fine and cant wait to install it.
    Nice job done and keep up.
    nrb, kenya.

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