New Actros Plastic Parts and more v 1.0

Plastic-Parts-1 Plastic-Parts-2

YouTube preview

Future plans:
Slots for lights, plates on front grills and leds on spoilers.
More (originally plastic) painted parts. I mean ex. rear fenders.
SCS Blender Tools conversion of truck model too.
Some modified parts.

Author: davidzoli


10 thoughts on “New Actros Plastic Parts and more v 1.0

  1. dymerwest

    Perfectly, thank you

  2. Király mod, köszii:))

  3. Haweky Trucker

    Video of the mod in 1080P:

  4. Przemek82W

    Thank you! Great mod!

  5. király mod köszii:))

  6. Does the merc star have LED’s?

    1. Haweky Trucker

      No matpol98, LED lights will come in future versions as the description says

  7. Very good. The plastic grille should be a bit more black, like the other plastic parts.

  8. dymerwest

    If it is possible do a plastic darker, as on mirrors.

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