New Actros Plastic Parts and more v 1.4


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Change log:
Version 1.4 (2015.12.18)
Link updated above.
Some of the lights are used from 50keda’s addon pack. You must use that if you want to use lamps from that ❗
+ Full plastic spoilers
+ Back leds (Based on RJL’s leds)
+ Slots for front grills + and 50keda’s lollipop light
+ Special Roar Actros horn. (Don’t know the original author. I’ve modified one)
+ Gigaspace special roofgrill (more to come if it’s ok)
! Fixed a_grill movement
! Fixed spoiler bottom on the right side
! Fixed cabin side lamp UVmap



5 thoughts on “New Actros Plastic Parts and more v 1.4

  1. tuphoon29

    Already updated to 1.5
    More details on the forum SCS

  2. Patrick93

    Nice Mod!

    Please paint the sunshield 😉

  3. admin, thank you for responding every report. Good job and thank you 😉

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