New Actros Plastic Parts and more v 3.4.4

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Change log:
Version 3.4.4 (2016.04.24)
! passenger side tank lamp fix
! definition file fixes (new wheel system, tank)
! Better lamp positions on the front of the cabin
! Lamp slots on the sunshiled
! Lamp position fix on Mirage bottom bar

Mod version: 3.4.4
Release date: 2016.04.24
Truck based on truck from game version: 1.22
Authors: davidzoli, Flemming V and Capital (tandem chassis)

Authors: davidzoli, Flemming V and Capital

DOWNLOAD 19 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 19 MB [Uploadfiles]

8 Responses to New Actros Plastic Parts and more v 3.4.4

  1. Shairan says:

    Can you maybe make iT possible with flemming V? That i can Get the whole grill in plastic? In the nexr update IF you have time! Thanks

  2. Darsh71 says:

    Hello, that update make my ground in the trucks and my GPS creen in the truck Red Missing Textures :/

    • Parasol says:

      Same here, have a glowing carpet under my feet now… Switching back to previous version. Please fix!

    • floflo05600 says:

      Yes, and because in video he don’t have texture not found? oO

  3. skyfall777 says:

    missing dashboard lights on blinkers, wipers sticks…

  4. zippe says:

    great mod !!!!! I love it,many thanks for your awesome work and for sharing with us ! thx

  5. cristi says:

    Great MOD! But the carpets and GPS screen are missing textures:-(

  6. Ralph says:

    Very nice! Please add new slots for the new window flags ETS2 v1.24.2. Thanks!

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