New Actros plastic parts and more v3.0


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Change log:
Version 3.0 (2016.02.13)
+ Merged interior mod
+ H7 headlights
+ Removable GPS
+ Decal support on windows
! UK shunshields
Mod version: 3.0
Release date: 2016.02.13
Truck based on truck from game version: 1.22
Authors: davidzoli, Flemming V and Capital (tandem chassis)



11 thoughts on “New Actros plastic parts and more v3.0

  1. NIce mod , i have a question.
    Are you planning to continue work on the modification and make chassis type low deck

  2. Nice work, thanks guys

  3. very good work! thank you! is it compatible with Mercedes mp4 taina95 mod?

  4. Do you need cabin DLC?

  5. Tony Sncxx

    Please do low chassis. thank you

  6. game crashes the old version works good but this version crashes my game when i go to Mercedes benz dealer i sold all my actors and same problem and i made removed all mods and tried it alone and still crashes and made a new profile and still crashes any help ?

  7. To: Gmaster ! Just 1:22 mod. The probability that the game the game ETS2 version is not 1.22.check.

  8. Nice work. Thanks.

  9. radsan yes its v1.22.2
    ok i have deleted ETS 2 but profile still remains so when this version of actros came out i wanted to test it so i installed ets2 and patched it to v1.22.2 ofc i had actros from v 2.40 so i throught this may be the problem so i sold all my actros and after that i couldn’t access the mercedes dealer always game stop not only that i have found problems with scania RJL mod although the mod worked perfectly before i uninstalled ets2 so i think the problem in the profile ?although i mad anew profile and same problem i will delete everything and try again

  10. This Mod is very good, no conflicts with RJL or other Mods.

    But I have one Question:
    Can you please make the Chromparts and Lights from the Grill of the Tandem?
    Because actually it works only with the Upper Grill in Combination with the Tandems.
    Thank you.

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