New AI traffic v1.3


Author: AlligatorSE


5 Responses to New AI traffic v1.3

  1. Laxi says:

    Nice job 馃槈

  2. Mak-Kyver says:

    nice job and i found something to fix.. i see taxi and police car when i am far away but when i get closer they changed normal cars, is this a bug or could prob cause other mods??

  3. Mak-Kyver says:

    it is nice to get “new blood” on roads!! not always same ai cars…

  4. niknor2015 says:

    袩袨袞袗袥校袡小孝袗?! 袨袘袧袨袙袠孝袝 袛袥携 袧袨袙蝎啸 袙袝袪小袠袡 1.21 啸? 小袩袗小袠袘袨 袙袗袦! 5+++++! 小 袧袝孝袝袪袩袝袧袠袝袦 袘校袛校 袨袞袠袛袗孝鞋 袨孝 袙袗小 袧袨袙蝎袝 袦袨袛袝袥袠!

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