New Big Garage


This mod replace lagre (big) garage.
Test version: 1.14.2



37 thoughts on “New Big Garage

  1. Nice. Thanks

  2. marchamilton

    looks great inside

  3. Very nice thanks 🙂

  4. wow good job man! thanks:)

  5. Hi ! Great job but how to change the “Your Company Name”?? Thanks

  6. But, how do I change the board to my company name?

  7. edit texture

    1. I dont know how to, can you mabye make a video?

      1. completely the same as this only then CHANGE texture in prefab/garage dds name is company_board (NO rename files)

        1. i dont find company_board file help plz.

  8. fenomenu75

    with what program can open the file

    1. DXTBmp and photoshop

      1. Hedegaard

        Photoshop with dds plugin

  9. Nice job!

  10. Really great job. AmAZING:

  11. I guess you can’t edit anything if you have game on Steam? Would be best to have sign colored in and just saying Garage for people that have it on Steam.

    1. I’ve got a game on Steam and edit everything that i da Garage

    2. You can edit it too, if you have Steam version.

  12. Female Trucker.

    Really great Garage, only 1 problem though !! The Door’s won’t open, I can neither get in or out.Can you fix please?

    1. Tam_O_Shanter

      Just get very close to the doors

    2. Hedegaard

      Only door 2 can open.. but you have to be halfway inside the door before it opens..
      You can change it by changing trigger distance…
      you find it GarageSCS\unit\hookup\garage_door.sii
      Set it to 10..

      then it opens before you hit the door.

  13. beehavior

    Scandinavia garage 😀

    1. Yes it is 😀

      1. I don´t think so.
        On the Scandinavian Terrain the 2. Door is all the time open and the Company-Sign is not visible.

        Does somebody know this Problem too ???

  14. Still cant skin the sign 🙁

  15. which file, the garage color ? “brown”

    1. building color

  16. Hedegaard

    Is there a way to make other door beside door 2 open ?

    What file need to be changed if I wanna give the garage another color for my company ?

  17. Really great Garage, only 1 problem though !!

  18. ciprriano

    You did a great job, i like it. And I ,tried to make a new model, but I did not succeed,

  19. Hmm, someone is a tester for ATS.
    Much of this garage is straight from the as yet unreleased game American Truck Simulator.

  20. love the garage, even made my logo n it looks good,… but lol it wont work with realistic lighting v2.0. is there away to fix it, would like to use garage, thx

  21. why is it when I have a winter mod, that the garage area is still growing in summer

  22. DimitriTech

    Awesome mod!

    There are some issues with textures however, the walls seem to be glitchy and the custom sign turns green at certain angles.

  23. Is it possible to make it work for 1.17x?

  24. Hello Can anyone put my company name in place of ” your company name “?

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