New BMW i8 V1.24.X

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Added -New Glass wipers.
-New Metallic Compatible with DLC.
-New Light Mask Added.
-New Wheels and Tires Added.
-New Steering was added.
-New Ways Computer Added
Added -New cockpit.
-New Animation Added Indicator.
-New Sound Added.
Compatible with DLC -New cabin.

Tested Game Version: 1.24.x

Download the trailer can be purchased from the Iveco alabilirsiniz.Internet gallery.

Setup: exiting the rare “ets_bmw_i8_v.2.0” ZIP files in My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / Take the mod folder and activate the game Mod Manager.

Author: Comodore


27 Responses to New BMW i8 V1.24.X

  1. Nerowskymonster says:

    Very good mod!!! Please video 🙂 🙂

  2. andreynfsgta5 says:

    😀 the best car is BMW nice work

  3. Diablo says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  4. Eurotrucker says:

    Nice mod, I think a numberplate (official one) would finish it.

  5. COCKING MIURA says:

    But it´s electric. Why the engine sounds??? Bad.

  6. Pawał says:

    Hi, do you created Audi A8?

  7. ImperialJudgement says:

    Test video on my youtube channel, mod works perfect!

  8. SilvaTrucker says:

    The only problem is the missing shadow..

  9. marjan says:

    not work not scs file

  10. chop1543 says:

    amazing car

  11. Adrian G. says:

    Amazing car and the most annoying part is just the sound of one of previous modifications labeled BMW, they sucked because the sound of shifting gears wasn’t original, yet for some reason the BMW E34 sounded exactly like the original car seen on European roads.

    A proper sound for the i8 would be great in this case, the car itself gets high marks for the interior and design, the sound needs to be polished. No offence here intended, just constructive criticism.

  12. nerowskyyMonster says:

    thats not i8 sound change plz

  13. MikoMike says:

    OMG it looks so cool i download it now

  14. ETS2 says:

    BMW İ8 is Hybrid, Hybrid cars have Normal engine and electric engine 😉

    • Adrian G. says:

      Yes, this is clear as a bell, but the mod would be more appealing with a proper BMW engine instead of the repeated garbles being upload constantly. I know from one of the presentation videos on YT, that showed the real i8 from top to bottom and with original stock sound of an original hybrid car.

      Some work on the sound is therefor suggested.

  15. Nerowskymonster says:

    I8 is electric. It hasn´t got sound!!

    • Adrian G. says:

      When in full electric mode, the i8 can be heard as just rumbling down or up on the asphalt, but when in combined normal and electric mode, the gasoline engine or diesel is enhanced through special external and internal speekers as seen and heard on YT, full driving and other experiences tested and seen on one of the subscribers’ channels.

      Just type in the search bar on YT ”New BMW i8 2016” and it will shows the best possible matches to your search for that car, I know that because I’ve seen it yesterday there.

      Only a suggestion…

  16. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  17. Brian says:

    Amazing mod but i have the problem that i cant recolor it.
    Its black en i can nothing change.
    But maby this is a bug

  18. kamoro says:

    not work cause there arent scs file

  19. sharif says:


  20. cashmier says:

    awesome car

  21. cashmier says:

    awesome car…though i’ld really like a Lamborghini mod…

  22. David says:


  23. efrain says:

    holas mano

  24. andries says:


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