New chassis for all trucks v2


This mod add new chassis 6×2 for Scania, DAF, Iveco, Man, Volvo and
MB, and add chassis 6×4 and 6×2-4 for Renault Premium and Magnum.
Version Final, some bugs fix!

Please Keep The Download Link!!!

Author: Erick Araujo


13 thoughts on “New chassis for all trucks v2

  1. Works perfect. Thanks

  2. good job, perfect !


  3. 김성곤


  4. Erick Araujo

    Thanks Guys 😀

  5. i perfer the 8×4 chassis for man trucks

    1. mr j, I’ll try, now, create chassis 8×4 and 10×6 for Scania, Man, DAF, Iveco, Volvo and MB 😉
      wait, soon i’ll post the v1 😀

  6. There is bug with shadows. No shadows bellow new wheels and shadows still exists bellow missing wheels. Could you fix this please?

    1. bes, i’m starting with editing a little time, so i don’t know edit shadows yet :/ but when i learn, i’ll fix this 😉

      Thanks, sorry for my bad english 🙂

  7. marcelofs

    Good job, but the Renault chassis are disproportionately long. And the location of some items is incorrect (Fuel tank, pneumatic system tubes and batteries). These elements are different in the 6×2 and 6×4 versions. The Sides Skirts corresponds to the 4×2 version. Add an axis but not make it a 6×2 or 6×4. You should see some real images (Renault), for more realistic models. But the wheel movement is correct. Sorry for my frankness. Marcelo Sanchez
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    1. I know man 😉 but I’m no expert on issues, I made this simple editing in the future create a more real 6×4 chassis for Renault

      1. marcelofs

        Dear friend Erick Araujo:
        Unfortunately, there is no model of Renault Premium 6×4 6×2 well done.
        To achieve a realistic model there are four cheats:
        1. How to determine the length of the chassis? It’s very simple. The right side of the truck must have the box and the auxiliary tank, that is already (Do not touch them).battery that is the right side, above the pneumatic tanks, passes vertically beside the small fuel tank (Note that the ribbed, instead of being horizontal, should be vertical (up from betería, not to the side). Right side over.
        2. Left side, just take the fuel tank (with three webbing), which were originally passed on the right side to the left side (only, not wearing much else, just the tank). With that determines the length of the chassis, nothing more.
        3. The left side, where is the fuel tank has no stairs. It has two holes that function as stairs (You should be aware that the fuel cap, must be backwards, then stair distrubed.)
        4. Finally, the two tank tires, which are on the left side, go back, between the chassis and the differential.

        Ready, has a 6×2 realistic, The 6×4 is the same, but bear in mind, the 6×2, no differential assembly, and the second axis passes above the cardan.
        It was not so difficult. In my facebook page has the necessary photos, and has my assistance, for what you need.

        Note:Probably can do the only way Premium Ranult well done exists. I am at your disposal.

        Thanks for your time and patience.
        (Excuse my bad English.)
        Bye, Marcelo F. Sanchez
        Buenos Aires, Argentina.

        1. marcelofs

          Excuse my curiosity, speak Spanish?
          I’d like to include you in my facebook friends.
          I have been a modeler for Counter Strike for years, but not use Zmodeler3. I am very meticulous with details. When designing weapons, knew the weight, the projectile velocity, caliber, recoil force, recharge time, projectile impact, firing rate, etc.. I like the most realistic works, but for this first study the model to perform, to the last detail. I would like to exchange views with you. The credits do not interest me, never interested me.
          Only a job well done.
          I like feeling pride in of work well done.
          Bye, Marcelo.

          1. marcelofs

            Thanks for responding…

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