New Chassis for Scania Megamod

new-chassis-1 new-chassis-2 new-chassis-3

Supplement for modifying for SCANIA MEGAMOD. The modification adds a new chassis tuning.



24 Responses to New Chassis for Scania Megamod

  1. RHT Austria says:

    Looks really awesome mate
    Scania megamod?you mean rjl right?

  2. Vinzel says:

    No, for scania megamod by VINZEL

    • Robert17 says:

      Please update the mod to 1.26 version, is the best scania mod ever!!!

    • Robert17 says:

      Please update the mod to 1.26 version, is the best scania mod ever!!!

  3. Greven says:

    Doesn’t work.. Broken.

  4. captainluq7474 says:

    I have always wanted this chassis for RJL Scania but it has never been added. I do know this is for your Scania Mega Mod Vinzel but the problem is, I cant find the mod. So can you post the link to your Scania Mega Mod please? I really would like to give this a try. Here in New Zealand, we get a lot of Scania trucks with this chassis configuration.

    Thank You

  5. Vabis500 says:



  6. Scaniaboy2000 says:

    I love it nice man

  7. Leonardo says:

    Amazing mod, but i cant attach trailer with 8×4 version

  8. scaniadude says:

    have you a sharemods link?

  9. Metaltom68 says:

    Another uploader please

  10. Trucker Marc says:

    Its a nice mod but my trailers are to close to the crane so could you move the fifth wheel to the back a little bit?

  11. katalin says:

    Hallo Vinzel, I was no game, where lack mod neither Scania megamod or RJL, please Vinzel

  12. Pieter Lerno says:

    it dont work ?

  13. omen2025 says:

    download link doesn’t work, but i would like to try this mod out if you fix the link

  14. Chris Serenidis says:

    Steering wheel is broken it wont turn ,anything else works fine but the steering wheel is stuck

  15. benkishere says:


  16. mohamed says:


  17. martindungu says:

    hey can you show me how to in show me how to download euro track mode

  18. Arun krishna says:


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