New Chassis for Scania Megamod

new-chassis-1 new-chassis-2 new-chassis-3

Supplement for modifying for SCANIA MEGAMOD. The modification adds a new chassis tuning.



24 thoughts on “New Chassis for Scania Megamod

  1. RHT Austria

    Looks really awesome mate
    Scania megamod?you mean rjl right?

    1. must be, look at the foglights, thats rjl

  2. No, for scania megamod by VINZEL

    1. Please update the mod to 1.26 version, is the best scania mod ever!!!

    2. Please update the mod to 1.26 version, is the best scania mod ever!!!

  3. Doesn’t work.. Broken.

    1. martindungu

      can you show me how to dowmload mods

  4. captainluq7474

    I have always wanted this chassis for RJL Scania but it has never been added. I do know this is for your Scania Mega Mod Vinzel but the problem is, I cant find the mod. So can you post the link to your Scania Mega Mod please? I really would like to give this a try. Here in New Zealand, we get a lot of Scania trucks with this chassis configuration.

    Thank You

    1. Here it is but not sure if it works in 1.25 ( this chassis would be a nice addition for Rjl scania inded

  5. Nice+


  6. Scaniaboy2000

    I love it nice man

  7. Amazing mod, but i cant attach trailer with 8×4 version

  8. scaniadude

    have you a sharemods link?

  9. Metaltom68

    Another uploader please

  10. Trucker Marc

    Its a nice mod but my trailers are to close to the crane so could you move the fifth wheel to the back a little bit?

  11. Hallo Vinzel, I was no game, where lack mod neither Scania megamod or RJL, please Vinzel

  12. Pieter Lerno

    it dont work ?

  13. download link doesn’t work, but i would like to try this mod out if you fix the link

  14. Chris Serenidis

    Steering wheel is broken it wont turn ,anything else works fine but the steering wheel is stuck

    1. I have the same problem please help

  15. benkishere


  16. good

  17. martindungu

    hey can you show me how to in show me how to download euro track mode

  18. Arun krishna


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