New Company and Trailer V1.24

New Company[4] New Company[3] New Company[2]

This mod replaces all companies and trailers of the game. (DLC included)
Tested Version 1.24.x
Compatible versions 1.23.x & 1.24.x

* Respect the download link *

Authors: SCS, Fred_be


8 Responses to New Company and Trailer V1.24

  1. Xander1986 says:

    Nice! 🙂

  2. deadman says:

    Work with Pro Mods 2.0 ?

  3. febransafibo says:

    is this with the truck skin? like mega combo pack by rudy

  4. Bikkel says:

    1.23 crasht by my white some trailers

    • Piratxxx11 says:

      you are #####?? :New Company and Trailer V1.24 !!! 😛

      • J.P Paulussen says:

        Maybe you as it also says that you can use it with 1.23. But I don’t think so.

  5. CajunMan0001 says:

    I downloaded this and installed it and slept 3 times. When I went and took a job with one of these trailers, I tried to hookup using trailer coupling and had the kingpin got dead center into the 5th wheel, but it never connected.

    It just went straight through the 5th wheel and never got any sign of connecting.

    Once I turn trailer coupling off, it connects fine. Was one of the DSV petrol trailer. Bummer that it don’t connect, haven’t tried any other trailer yet.

    Guess I could turn it off and connect and then turn it back on, or once I get it in place, hit 0 move forward a little bit then F9 and have it connect that way, but would rather it work with trailer coupling.

    I’m using a stock Volvo truck so no modded truck being used.

  6. Dado says:

    Using this mod for some time. No issues! Very good work!

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