New Company V1.26 for all DLC

new-company-1 new-company-2 new-company-3

– Tested version 1.26.Xs
– This mod replaces all companies and trailer of the game. (DLC “Vive la France” included)
– 64 New companies all DLC included.
– The description is in the mod

* Respect the download link *

Credits: MDModding, Fred_be


25 thoughts on “New Company V1.26 for all DLC

  1. Hello

    Fonctionne très bien avec déjà d’autres mods


  2. i liked it very much

    many thanks

  3. Very nice mod but Norbert Dentressangle doesn’t exit anymore, it’s XPO Logistique now.

  4. I still see trucks Norbert Dentressangle on the road

  5. Can you be fair and fix Advanced Trailer Coupling to the SCS Trailer Patch? 🙂

  6. Advance coupling is on all the trailers I make

  7. Do not know if you took me right or if I was unclear. I meant that Bora’s Trailer Pack 1.5 does not work correctly with either ” Advanced Trailer Coupling ” or with any skins 🙂

  8. We must wait until Bora updates his trailers but I do not think he will. You can always give me the link of this pack and I will look

    1. You can also add me on steam if you feel it in painkiller89969 🙂

  9. It would be really nice if you could take a look at it 🙂 ””

  10. excellent juste remplacer norbert dentressangle par XPO Logistics

  11. Pour la prochaine mise à jour Handy

    1. hey fred_be, are you planning to update 25 tandem mod to 1.26? would be very happy if you did, love ur mods!

    2. ok merci pour votre travail en tous qua bon mod

  12. @Pontax: I’m going to try

  13. Dennis Chan

    Carrefour signs near the road hasn’t replaced yet

  14. scania_dragon

    tnt is a postal service provider and not a chemical company …
    Norbert Dentressangle is now xpo …

    I sure to find more inconsistences.
    please learn about the companies and then try again

  15. does it work with jazzycat trailer pack

  16. remplacer ecco par esso

  17. de Freitas James

    Bonsoir Fred
    est ce possible d’avoir le mot de passe pour changer des remorques avec celle de ma région ?
    Merci beaucoup d’avance
    je peux vous laisser mon mail si vous voulez

  18. shadowm312

    does it work with the latest promods?

  19. possible d avoir le mot de passe?

  20. Si je verrouille le mod c’est justement pour qu’on le modifie pas. Ca ne sert à rien de demander le mot de passe, de plus il y a pas de mot de passe.

  21. Neodammerung

    Est-ce qu’une mise à jour pour la version 1.27 est prévue ?

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