New Company V1.30 for all DLC

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– Tested version 1.30.Xs
– This mod replaces all companies and trailer of the game.
– 106 New companies all DLC included.

No need for password, you put the .zip file in your folder “mod”

* Respect the download link *

Credits: Fred_be


13 thoughts on “New Company V1.30 for all DLC

  1. Gregory LEMIRE

    bonjour mot de passe requit pour le dezipper

    1. Pas besoin de Mot de Passe. Simplement mettre le zip dans le Dossier Mod et après activer dans le Modmanager.

  2. fisherman

    many thanks

  3. Gregory LEMIRE

    you have a password

    1. scaniatrucker73

      Gregory you don’t need a password, just put the zip file in your mod folder and activate it ingame in your mod manager.

      It even says so in de description:

      No need for password, you put the .zip file in your folder “mod”

      1. Ähh, I give an answer more up in his Language… LOL

  4. THANKS !!!!!!!

  5. G.F.Later

    deze brol werkt niet!

    1. Het werkt perfect, maar NIET op de Promods !!

  6. Is there ANY mod like this that will work with PROMODS?

    It’s bothering me that I can deliver to IKEA, but also to whatever the eff EuroGoodies is…

  7. It’s cool and all but most of the deliveries don’t make any sense, like FedEx hauling oranges to an UPS depot. And it’s not just one example, it’s really many jobs like this.

  8. scania_dragon

    DHL and other postal or parcel service are not provided in ets2!
    when will you finally understand that?

    1. DHL is FCP (generic name). This mod is very annoying because it’s a zip-encrypted file. It’s not completed and I also can’t modify it so that it will be completed because of this. People like Fred_be should try to understand this kind of problems and unlock their mods!

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