New Eaton Fuller transmission 13 & 18 shifters


I bring back such a mod of Transmissions EATON FULLER I want to mention that this mod is especially for players with logitech g27 wheel or trushmaster or any box H. having players play with keyboard / mouse also will be able to use it ,
transmissions are 13 changes to 2 reverse and 18 changes with 4 reverse , it is for all trucks in the game ( including the new DAF XF Euro 6) beta name that gradually I will include trucks even more mods. Thank you for downloading PS: Please read the word documents that come within the pack = )



6 thoughts on “New Eaton Fuller transmission 13 & 18 shifters

  1. Doesn’t work on the scania T model

    1. ROY. only works with in game (scs) trucks not modded ones 🙂

  2. rockchevelle

    I do not even the transmission in this model but is in the process =)

  3. I would love to use this model of exchange,, but it does not know to install, did as instructions, however did not work.

  4. rockchevelle

    course work, something you are they doing wrong , read the instructions carefully I put in the pack are simple if you have questions contact me by email and I will teach install good = )

  5. does this work with the skrs shifter

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