New economy


This mod changes the economy of the game.It does not affect XP or
skill points.There are two versions Easy and Hard.You only use one
version.Mod includes a read me file.
Tested on version steam



6 Responses to New economy

  1. trigger says:

    does this include that: hired drivers allways will come back with cargo???? most mods dont have that option.

  2. Nenad says:

    There’s no informations at all about prices of cargos,garages,speeding tickets etc.Are they lower or higher then usual?Please give us some info about that 🙂

    • renaulthater says:

      What do you mean there is no information? I haven’t changed anything about the prices of cargoes. I have changed the price of buying/upgrading a garage.For the speeding tickets I have a different mod because the file is different.Get it here:

  3. Nenad says:

    imean it you didn’ write anything in description here 🙂

    • renaulthater says:

      On the description it says that there is a read me file.I didnt put everything on the mod description because it would be bigger

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