New economy


This mod changes the economy of the game.It does not affect XP or
skill points.There are two versions Easy and Hard.You only use one
version.Mod includes a read me file.
Tested on version steam



6 thoughts on “New economy

  1. does this include that: hired drivers allways will come back with cargo???? most mods dont have that option.

    1. renaulthater

      No it doesnt.

  2. There’s no informations at all about prices of cargos,garages,speeding tickets etc.Are they lower or higher then usual?Please give us some info about that 🙂

    1. renaulthater

      What do you mean there is no information? I haven’t changed anything about the prices of cargoes. I have changed the price of buying/upgrading a garage.For the speeding tickets I have a different mod because the file is different.Get it here:

  3. imean it you didn’ write anything in description here 🙂

    1. renaulthater

      On the description it says that there is a read me file.I didnt put everything on the mod description because it would be bigger

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