New Economy Mod


– Possibility to do a longer jobs at lower skill levels.
– Transportation canceling cost only 100 €
– You can damage your cargo without penalty (1 € per 1% damage, before 145 €)
– Buying a new garage is now much cheaper
– Refueling in own (large) garage giving 85% discount on diesel.
– Hired drivers fuel costs are much lower
– The driver’s salary is now much cheaper and gives employment to employ a higher level of public drivers as before.
– The probability that an employed driver can´t find a job is now 1% (previously 20%)
– Transportation gives now double xp
– Transportations are longer in transportation list.
– Truck selling gives you the same money back when you purchase it (before the sale gave a 33% cash back)
– Trucks can be purchased online when you own one truck (before five)
– All bank loans is now without interest

Fines prices have changed:
– Crash 700 €
– Speeding 80 €
– Wrong way 0 €
– Rest break avoidance € 50

The probability of getting a fine:
– Crash 85%
– Rest break avoidance 20%
– Wrong way 30%
– No lights at night 40%
– Red light 20%
– Speeding 70%

Works with 1.8.5 – 1.12.1 game versions

Author: Maximate


11 thoughts on “New Economy Mod

  1. super peut tu faire un mod nodamage merci

  2. Kyran Tankard

    can you make me a mod that make all uk deliveries to only other uk places

  3. Its the worst mod ever ! I wont install it anymore , for a fine touch with a car i got penalty 700 ?! from 400-500 before ? red lights still 350euro , its a junk … from 21 057 Euros i have 14291 euro… i lost more then earning … nothing increased in jobs… idk i personally hate it … sorry !

  4. Just Another SHITWARE !!!

  5. I made a mod which is like this, but i don’t modify police things. Check it out!


    to install i have to start a new profile?

    1. No. Works with the old one.

  7. faulty mod. when i’m selling my truck i don’t get the same amount i payed for it

  8. Lincold01

    Error with Download Link. :/

  9. for a little touch 700 EURO ???? LOOOL please make it 70 and too much damage to my truck and cargo

  10. please make an update : change crash money 700 to 70 and to pay less when i want to repair my truck (tires,cabin,engine,etc)

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