New Engine for All Trucks

New-Engine-for-All-Trucks-2 New-Engine-for-All-Trucks-1

This mod adds 1000hp engine with 10000 nm of torque for all trucks except Renault.
Tested on s stands from steam edition

Author: renaulthater


8 Responses to New Engine for All Trucks

  1. nosleto says:

    no grill on the new Volvo when put this engine

    • renaulthater says:

      The grill works perfect on the new Volvo and Scania Streamline maybe you have another Volvo mod that conflicts with mine.Try to disable it and try to put the 1000hp engine again.

  2. renaulthater says:

    New version:
    The changelog is that I have changed the price of the engine.

  3. Nenad says:

    to much power,maybe some diferrent gearbox perhaps with this mod? đŸ™‚
    just can’t control the truck,it’s to fast

    • renaulthater says:

      You can use realistic physics v1.9 and it gives more transmissions options

  4. PallMall says:

    once again kiddie mod

  5. renaulthater says:

    do not use my engine on Scania R and Streamline if you have 1.9 The game will crash

  6. renaulthater says:

    If you have 1.9 public beta on steam you can download the new version

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