New Engines

New Engines

19000 hp Engines for all Trucks
Works with 1.18.x

Author: Crazy Squirrel


7 thoughts on “New Engines

  1. FastTrucker

    Thanks! Works great! It’s missing for the New Actros for me, and could you make a 5000hp version with less torque? Great stuff for going full speed on those north african straights or 3000km deliveries

    1. Whats the point in playing and driving if you want to finish your deliveries as soon as possible?
      You dont need 19k hp engine, just type in console ‘goto’ (whatever town you are going to) and you’ll finish it in few seconds…

      1. FastTrucker

        And? Who are you to tell me how to play?

  2. Ragebayne

    Agreed I look for more realistic mods they make it more fun but each to there own

    On a separate not I have a issue with my truck atm I can’t seem to turn with loads over 50 ton and I do not have tag lift using a standard 6×4 rjl scania Euro 5 560 hp do I need a chassis change to a heavy hauler or is this a physic bug?

    1. I use Scania RJL 6×4 too, but with 730hp V8 engine and I havent had that problem yet, but I also rarely haul heavy cargo.
      Maybe the weight of the trailer is pushing you from behind and making the turn more difficult or on steep hills its puling you back and lifting your from wheels in the air. Try with 8×4 or 10×4 chassis and/or more powerfull engine.

  3. not working

  4. game gets stopped

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