New Ferry ProMods v 2.20

Old ferry connection:
– Roscoff – Ventspils
– Gdynia – Torshavn
– Calais – Kirkenes
– Thurso – Kirkenes
– Felixstow – Kardla (Hiiu maakond)
– Kirkenes – Seyðisfjörður
– Vaasa – Hull
– Świnoujście – Seyðisfjörður
– Calais – Seyðisfjörður
Added new ferries for ProMods 2.20:
– Belfast (Ireland) – Gdynia
– Belfast – Tallinn
– Rosslare (Ireland) – Kirkenes
– Rosslare – Rostock



4 thoughts on “New Ferry ProMods v 2.20

  1. Dude, it’s Euro TRUCK simulator, no Euro SHIP simulator…

  2. I suggest Rosslare to somewhere in france (Breast, maybe?)

    1. Rosslare is in Ireland, dumbo.
      Ever heard Google Maps?

  3. Anything that more cities and countries, ferries, modify fuel prices and other stuff that makes the game to be more realistic is a huge YES. THANK YOU!

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