New Gen Scanias Skin Pack

These four skins comes in one file and are for the new Scania S only, with normal or high roof, also works with the lowdeck addon by Sogard3, I’ve used the base file provided by the user Hounddog
to make the skin file, Thanks Hounddog for this, really useful!
You need the Mighty griffin DLC or this mod … =695738881 to be able to paint the grill.
I havent figured it out how to paint the rear bumpers from the dlc properly, I’ll get to that eventually.
Also recommend old school paintable wheels … =851235116



3 thoughts on “New Gen Scanias Skin Pack

  1. stolen mod from anonymous

  2. Hum… I didnt post my skins here. I dont really care about the repost, but these scania skins probably wont work properly because I havent updated them.

  3. Second try comment since the first one is not showing yet for some reason.
    I never posted any of my skins in this site and i dont know why they are here. Those scania skins will not work properly because i didnt updated them.

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