New Graphic Textures of real Iluminacion Color

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ew graphical improvements, the nights a good illumination of led of colors and estellos in the lampposts: streets, roads, gas stations and warehouses.
new road and vegetation textures
new textures in the stores
new textures at gas stations
new textures in hotels
new barriers on highways
new improvements in the rain the biggest drops.
new improvements in meterology

diseny by MG media Graphics

v. compatible with Promods 2.26 and SCS

MG Media Graphics,SCS,


24 Responses to New Graphic Textures of real Iluminacion Color

  1. tunning6000 says:

    Amazing job,

  2. JM says:

    is this also working with Reshade and promods 2.26

  3. Michael says:

    Hi, thank you for the nice graphics mods, but the Navi please make standart again.

    Best regards

  4. filip says:

    1.6 GB ? wTF ??? this mod is bigger than the game base itself

  5. Jose Antonio says:


  6. Koldaka says:

    Excellent !!

  7. Addy says:


  8. Ciceex6 says:

    Belíssimo mod. Por favor reduza as texturas de 4k pra 2k pois o jogo fica pesado. Obg.

  9. Tasja says:

    What is difference between this mod and the other mod you have of 2.45gb i read description but having issues to figure out if they are the same and can be used together or only need 1 of the 2 or use both? I have both of them but not sure if both are needed or only 1 of the 2. It doesnt crash game with both on.

    • moisesgallardofernanaadez says:


  10. rqs says:

    Nice work but why add the other changes like the navigator change? Please separate the different mods.

  11. scott gamer says:


  12. igor says:

    poderia upar em outro servidor ne amigos para downloads ?

  13. JM says:

    rotating beacon is not working with this mod, when I shutdown this mod then the rotating beacon is working

  14. zuputo says:

    Can you please the HUD of Navi turn again on RED and BLUE?
      you do not get sick anymore, you have to sleep it is too late

    Perfect mod Grate Job

  15. zuputo says:

    Sorry but this mod is incompatible with the new Mario map of 8.3.2018 old mario map is still

  16. anderson74 says:

    esse mod tem graficos exlentes ainda melhorou o FPS o unico problema e que crachou com o promods 2.26

  17. a3kp says:

    Don’t understand, Mega-(upload) doesnt work in my Windows 10 Edgebrowser, also Firefox gives not home on Mega.

  18. ChrisKiss82 says:

    GREAT JOB !!

    But please change the Route Advisor to normal and the color of the ferry.
    A pink purple ferry inside and outside is funny but not real !!

  19. Peace says:

    Where too paste file

  20. péchito lopez says:

    oye lo puedes subir en media fire o torrent???

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