New Grass


Mod works on Promods map, default map and others.
Versions of game: 1.8.x – 1.9.x

Author: knox_xss


12 thoughts on “New Grass

  1. Rob Viguurs

    This looks very cool and realistic!! good work buddy

  2. Beautiful 🙂 Sometimes there is grass on roads but very rarely – love it

  3. ciprriano

    Indeed, a truly remarkable work.
    It feels real, I appreciate the effort, keep going

  4. PLATON 33Rus

    Жрёт оперативу надо дописать в ярлыке игры (свойства -> объект -> там дописать через пробел -mm_pooI_size 2000 нажать ОК

  5. Good Job man….beautiful! thank you.

  6. Awesome work man! I dont have a high performance computer,so I use mixed settings. Some of them are low,some medium and some high. This work of yours is a remarkable improvement in game visual for me.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Slovenia zak4862

  7. Work TSM men ???

  8. Amazing Mod !!! 5 stars !!!!

  9. NON_Steam_PLAYER

    AWESOME!…..please make ALL THE TREES!! …this is the best mod EVER! .

  10. tahmidk15

    Nice Job and it takes SCSSoft months to get a decent fix or improvement.

  11. Very very nice.Fantastic.
    Everybody download this mod.

  12. Please fix the road with grass to Igoumenitsa. Thanks. Very nice work.

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