New Harder Dover – Hannover – Calais Map v1.1


This mod was made for train station’s exit. Game became more
enjoyable and harder with some barriers at the exit of station. Other
details and download link below.
▷Whats New on v1.1
•In this update we have the MOD several fixes and also some new
challenges ..

•Not tested the mod with other mods, and it is not necessary to
create another save in order to play with it …

•We always update it then help us in sending feedback to cool power
we put
more challenges in Euro Truck 2. In order galley is a list of fixes
and also acquisitions we made
the MOD.

• Correction of Work (Loads were fading)
• Added challenges in Hannover
• Added one more post in Hannover
• Bug Trailer broken in the Euro Tunnel corrected
• Small added challenges (poles on roads, huge climbs etc.)
• Challenge the Euro Tunnel in Calais and Dover Updated

Tested Version: 1.3.1

Author: by Felipe Oliveira
Pictures: by KacaK
Video: by KacaK


18 thoughts on “New Harder Dover – Hannover – Calais Map v1.1

  1. I can confirm that this no longer works with TSM 2.2.1

  2. Hi, I have question, it is nessesary to start new game? Or it will be work in actual game?

    1. It does work with your savegame, no need to start a new one.

  3. does it ###### up your loads like the previous “Harder Station” did?

    1. No, it does not 🙂

  4. Developer showing a few errors. keeps crashing my game.

  5. MatheusCLG

    the loads sitll fading…
    but still a very good mod, so fix it on the next update

    1. MatheusCLG

      forget what i said do´t dowload this mod even after remove it and starting a new game the loads will still fading…

  6. does not work on my 1.3.1
    any help please

  7. no way to play this map – CTDesktop
    old and new profile, CTD
    no mods inside – CTD

  8. Nice mod works fine for me 😀

    1. only works on my without other mods
      can this be fixed

  9. Nice mod 😀

    Bug report:


    1. [img][/img]

  10. trucker richy

    this worked fine for me. Good mod if you have a steering wheel which i dont, i use keyboard, but still nice mod and it worked with the other map i have installed, the e.u map.

  11. Does anyone know if this works with Europe Map Rebuilding Mod?

    1. You can only use one map mod 🙂

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