New Harder Train Station Map


This mod was made for train station’s exit. Dover – Calais. Game became more enjoyable and harder with some barriers at the exit of station. Other details and download link below.

Author: by Felippe Oliveira
Pictures: by KacaK
Video: by KacaK


21 thoughts on “New Harder Train Station Map

  1. Game Crashed in 1.1.1. …. FIX that !!

    1. Then get 1.31 instead to ask them to ###### hell fix for you

      1. MatheusCLG

        really?? you DO still playing on 1.11?? dude u must be joking…

        1. im like 1.0.5 sure lol when you got to a higher version the game breaks s we hae to stay at these versions its hard get mods cause the game is so old example this mod

    2. update your game!

    3. applejackxd

      Why would you be playing on such an old version ? are you a ###### ?

    4. Snowleopard

      Only 2 reasons you have not updated your game

      1) Your to lazy to even find a hack version of the updated game (I believe their is one but having PAID for my own I could care less)

      2) Still running the original version because it is hacked and you can’t work out how to sort it out.

      Most mods that are released are for the most updated version of the game, some will work in 1.25 and also 3.0, so to expect a modder who BTW spent his/her own time to create the mod for free to suddely make his/her mod function for the lowest version of the game is idiotic.
      I can tell you that their are many GBs worth of very descent mods out in the world and they work on version 1.25 and upwards, keeping yourself at the lowest version is like unplugging your PC and expecting it to turn on. It’s 3am and I’ve had a long week.
      @ The modder, keep up the great work.


      1. Freddy Jimmink

        You don’t have to find a hacked version if the original is 1.1.1 look at the SCS ETS2 site!

        And if the guy is happy or don’t know how to update, be nicer to him you TWITS! Not every-one can buy the latest gear becuase they don’t have the money for it! Or have rich parrents/grandparrenets!

        So stop tripping You …….. freaks!

        And by God/Allah/Jah STOP ABOUT HACKED VERSIONS! That You don’t want to biy is Your problem, but don’t border us with Your haced Bullshit blabber!


        Freddy Jimmink

  2. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or if it’s because of the mod, but when I activate all the jobs disappear. I can’t find work in all of europe. And as soon as I remove the mod, they’re back. Weird.

  3. Brilliant idea, great thanks!
    Who are those morons which park vehicles like that? 😀
    I wish I could see them all over the map so the game would be as challenging as Scania TDS! Keep up!

    Though for some reason I can see in the game log

    00:00:43.575 : Map ‘/map/europe.mbd’ loading started.
    00:00:45.343 : Map successfully loaded.
    00:00:45.369 : Map initialization started ….
    00:00:45.434 : Map initialization finished.
    00:00:45.434 : Map load time: 1858ms (54 MB)
    00:00:45.991 : Missing navigation data!!!

    and obviously as a result tons of

    ” Driver job generation failed” later on.

    Do you think you can fix that?


  4. Hey guys okay? Well I am the creator of the mod Ofelipe Oliveira, Monday will be releasing the update this MOD with new challenges, and corrections to the loads that total, (the jobs that disappear) Monday will be posting the update. 😀

  5. Nice Driver

    TSM_Map_2.2 not working

    1. Snowleopard

      TSM is not supported here, it has it’s own forum for bug tracking etc.
      For it to work, you must start a new driver, any other problems look up the forum, it is full of great help.


      PS Admin, sorry for inserting link, seem to get a few each day asking about the map, wish they would use their noggin.

    2. I can confirm that it does work with TSM 2.2.1.
      As long as the mod gets loaded after the map.

  6. Seothiann

    I also confirm that jobs disappear with Your mod. It`s nice but needs a little tweaking. Keep up the good work!

  7. Really good idea thanks!

    Was hoping ETS2 would have a mix of Scania skill driving and this so there could be jobs with more money award for driving on more narrow streets and harder parking etc.

  8. this is an awesome mod
    probably the best one that i’ve seen
    i cant wait for the update on monday

  9. patatjeoorlog

    The eurotunneltrainstation dont have barriers like these parked trailers etc. on the boarding/unboarding site.
    The roads al always emty.

  10. Freddy Jimmink

    Patatjeoorlog is right,

    The barriers makes the mod very unrealistic,


    Freddy Jimmink

    Geef mij maar een patatje Vrede

  11. Maybe unrealistic, but the game needs some harder driving to be fun again.

    I don’t know how to make new areas in the game but it would be great with a mountain area with tight corner roads high up and hard fetch/drop off jobs.

    Or more containers and parked trailers/cars at many locations to make the driving more skillfull like this mod is totally ok to spice up the driving. 🙂

  12. simulation games

    dudes i still playing on 1.0.5 becus if i update the game is not working annymore do some one have the latest version of the game ware i can download it that works???

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