New-HDR-2 New-HDR-1

New HDR for more comfortable lighting.
Tested 1.22

Author: Tornado


4 thoughts on “New HDR

  1. Looks good but how about daylight ?

  2. G.F.Later

    How to use this mod?

  3. CajunMan0001

    I put it at the top of the list of mods, and I still get the glare from the GPS and dash. I had to go back to no bloom to get rid of the bright glare. Cause this mod sure did not get rid of the HDR glare.

  4. but your using a winter mod, and you decided to had a new HDR to the matt, its not going to make much if any difference, given that the winter mod recolours everything. it would have been better to show this without the winter mod, to get a true perspective.

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