New Iveco S-Way v1.3.2

Version 1.3.2
– Convert to ETS2 1.49
– Fixed bug with the seats
– Fire extinguisher position updated
– LC8 tail lights added
– Functional tachograph added
– Orange flare fixed
– Fixed collision box error
– SCANIA front logo removed
– LNG tank revised
– Exhaust revised
– Updated ui dashboard (oil pressure, adblue, fuel bar script. etc.)
– Updated steering wheel backlights
– Bugs fixes

– 6 chassics included low deck
– 12 engines included 3 LNG engines and badges
– all Iveco RAL colors
– 3 exclusive skins + template(skin and PNGs)
– own Iveco sound by Kriechbaum with permission from him
– more then 110 exterior parts
– more then 50 parts for interior if you own the cabin DLC from SCS. ( Def for Cabin DLC is included)
– completly new designed dashboard with 3 screens
– compatible with signs on your truck

SCS, WARRYOR3D, HBB Store, Kriechbaum, Igor from Virtual Service, Peer’s 3D works


11 thoughts on “New Iveco S-Way v1.3.2

  1. RichyRich

    cant open the folder when downloaded. also i doubt this has a uk cab anyway so i wont be bothering to try again some other time cause i feel its unfair that modders keep overlooking the uk when making trucks that are sold in the uk in real life. so just saying the folder cant be accessed.

    1. Arthur Vince

      I am using this truck now, and yes it has a UK cabin as well..

      1. RichyRich

        how did you open the file?, or did you not bother?

        1. gkvfjx gaming

          Yes bro get it file

      2. catwhisperer

        How did you open file? If the didn’t need to be? Also why doesn’t WARRYOR3D respond to these questions.

  2. Андрей

    Скачал,всё прекрасно работает!Спасибо!


      Скачал, но у нас не работает, выдает архивную ошибку на досу

  3. RichyRich

    was hoping the file could be opened as i like to skin my own trucks for my own use, but still a nice truck though it needs work. I was driving my other truck after downloading and putting this into my mod folder and i noticed a scania with this ivecos skin on it in traffic lol

  4. Unfortunately the drivers seat still bugs in the view if you move a bit further to the back

  5. Female Trucker

    How do you open this file, any idea’s please?

  6. catwhisperer

    “the archive is either in unknown format or damaged ” is what i get when trying to open with winrar. Or do i just drag across and 165 mb is the full file size?

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