New IWR Weather Mod

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This is new IWR 6 weather mod using SGate HD skyboxes.
New view on weather. Sun rise at 5 am. sun set at 9 pm.
Bright days and dark nights.
Added new rain blobs and new rain sound, four sound of thunder, rain wheel particles.
Archive include 3 files
zzz_New_IWR_by_piva.scs – this is main file with climate and skyboxes
zzz_New_IWR_Effects_by_piva.scs – this is rain effects file
zzz_New_IWR_Flare_by_piva.scs – this is traffic dimension lights such as rear lights, parking and low beam lights.

Tested on 1.18

Authors: SGate, piva


29 thoughts on “New IWR Weather Mod

  1. ETS2 crashes

  2. Problem is file zzz_New_IWR_by_piva

    1. Specially dowload this archive and attach it to my game. No any error. All work fine.
      May be you have any additional weather or rain mod?

  3. It works on all maps?

    1. on all I don’t tested yet

  4. The mod works fine. I put all 3 files. Thanks to the authors!
    ProMods+Poland Rebuilding+RusMap.

  5. Nimeni.Altu

    hey man, please edit some things because is looking so old and uglry :((( i’ve waited so much for this and now am so dissapointed :(( please do something!

    1. Ok, I tried.

      1. Nimeni.Altu

        dont lose hope man, try more, i know you will make it!
        the start is good…. only the hdr and the weather notepad files needs rebuild! i am sure you will make the best weather mod ever 🙂 …we will wait your next version soon man 🙂 keep up the good work!!!

        1. It need to decrease “max_scale” parameter in hdr.sii, so it makes all lights darker. I specially increase this parameter for brigther lights. This is a problem for my interest and you wishes.

          1. Nimeni.Altu

            i set “max_scale: 2”
            it seems ok for now….
            i have to test it for some couple of hours…..
            thanks man,

  6. The zoom on the map RusMap and TSM is not valid, you can not see all cities. Any solution? Thanks.

    1. Nimeni.Altu

      for me works great… i have tsm 6.0 + rusmap 1.5
      try to disable all mods and enabling again….
      otherwise try to delete the file “game_data.sii”
      from the “zzz_New_IWR_by_piva” from folder “def”
      i had some problems like you last year with mods of weather and maps

      1. You can test fixed weather from

        Ajusted DOF, fog for far view
        Fixed skybox for overbright
        and some littel things

        1. Nimeni.Altu

          nice man, thanks 🙂

  7. Yaaay! SGate n Piva are working together now! This can only mean great things now

    Hey Piva, I figured out how to manipulate the times for “Tropical” day and night cycles 😀


    1. > SGate n Piva are working together now!
      No, I working alone. I tired to waiting for new weather mod from SGate.
      But I used his skyboxes

  8. Piva, that position have to place the New Fix in the mod folder?

  9. After all this mods

  10. I have just activated it : works fine with Promods 1.95, RusMap 1.5 and Poland Rebuilding. Maybe should we get the colours a bit less hell. But it’s a great mod. Thanks to you

    1. In progress

  11. I don’t know how to decrease “max_scale” parameter in hdr.sii, could you help me please ?

  12. With both DLCs and TSM Map v6.01 can’t see the the whole world map … This happens only if I activate the whole New IWR Weather Mod.

    1. remove game_data.sii from mod

  13. Thanks Piva but where is game_data.sii, I don’t see it in Mod Folder

  14. Don’t worry I just found it with winrar. I will activate it again as I like it.

  15. It works, I can see the whole map, thanks again Piva

    1. In few days will be new weather mod without game_data. Stand by.

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